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Tiffany Haddish gets a $800k Netflix… Guess what Monique has to say?

So earlier this afternoon Tiffany announced her role on the up in coming animated series called “Tuca and Birdie” to be aired on none other than the monster streaming network Netflix! Haddish is set to voice one of the lead characters, the cocky and carefree toucan “Tuca”. After the wild success of Haddish’s break out roll in the movie “Girls Trip” and her  mega hit special on Netflix “Tiffany Haddish: She ready! from the Hood to Hollywood” it seems only right to have her on yet another Netflix acquisition. But to announce her victory in the wake of fellow comedian Monique’s boycott of Netflix for them low balling her with a $500k offer. She even when ranting mentioned the last black unicorn herself Ms. Haddish saying “ If I accept $500k, what is that doing for Tiffany Haddish, what is that doing for young black up and coming female comedians”. But to all of our surprise Monique did the honorable thing and congratulated Tiffany on her new venture and her success… No shade! And I mean none not a side eye or a hint of shade, she humbly and lovingly showed her little sister some support and didn’t make it about her. Go head Monique now that what we like to see, such a beautiful way to end black history month!

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