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Tips From Ms. Henretha (The Golden Nugget)

ms henretha

This is Ms. Henretha if you guys have never seen her before!!!  Ms. Henretha has been a reoccurring guest on Down & Dirty After Dark for a few months now.  She is 79 years old, but she is OFF THE HOOK!!!!  We (the hosts) as well as our callers have grown to love Ms. Henretha, and we really look forward to hearing her stories.

Last night on the show, Ms. Henretha called in to tell the ladies about a “drink” you can make for your man that will get him wrapped around your finger.  It is called the Golden Nugget…  You use a medium size glass and fill it up 1/2 way with Bacardi Gold, and 1/2 with Coke (or Pepsi).  Add a few slices of fresh lemons (with salt on both sides)… The salt is known to be a natural aphrodisiac for men!!!  

Make him a cup or two, and let the salt mixed with the alcoholic beverage begin to take effect on him, then POUNCE ON HIM and have your way!!!


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