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Tips On Making Him Go Down On You….

How to make him go down on you

Ladies… are you having problems with getting your man to go down on you??? A lot of people have been requesting me to talk about this because their men won’t go down on them for one reason or another. If you really care about or love the person you are in a relationship with, then you need to try to get them to see things your way. Being sexually frustrated is not a good look for any relationship and it can make a man or woman venture off. Here are a few tips on getting him to go down on you…

  • ASK 4 IT!!!  – Men cannot read our minds… you must put it out there and let him know you would like him to taste you.
  • Shower together – This can be the “pre-game”… get that super fresh feeling.
  • Be his cheerleader – Tell him everything he is doing right… men get very self conscious when you tell them you are not doing something good or the right way.  Focus on the things he is doing right & guide him with your hands & words (Oooh right there, up a little, over a little, don’t stop…)
  • Try 69’n with him – This takes all of the focus off of him and he will also benefit from giving you pleasure.
  • Grooming – make sure your keep it clean & shaved (off or low)… most men want to have easy access to the clitoris & they are also very visual creatures!!!  Try putting some edible body glitter or even some crystals down there…  (only for the main-line because a side dude will not want to risk getting caught with his main).
  • Get inspired by porn – Turn on a video of your choice (of course with a man going down on the woman).  Let him know that you want that too… or “you wonder what that feels like” & “you want to feel as good as she is feeling”…
  • Tell him you want to be kissed everywhere – you need the full body treatment!!!
  • Give him a little push – next time he is sucking on your breasts or kissing your belly button… push his head down a little further!!!  He will probably be turned on by your assertive behavior.  Men like for women to take control in the bedroom.
  • SIT ON HIS FACE – This is when you’ve exhausted all other options… just take a seat on his face.  

dont stop lying

If he still will not go down on you, you have to decide if you care enough about him to sacrifice your sexual desires…  & it also makes you wonder if he really loves you enough if he won’t even try to please you orally???  You have to get to the bottom of it and really know the true reason as to why he does not want to give you oral pleasure…

Comment below & give us any additional tips to make a man go down on you???

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