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TI’s Son Gets Into A Fight At School

Nobody wants to see their kids fighting, but hey… sometimes its necessary, especially when somebody is trying to bully them. I think as parents, we want to protect our kids, but we also want them to be able to protect themselves in the event we are not around.

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Well it’s not different for the celebrities and their kids. TI and Tiny’s son, King, got into a fight at school, and little homie held his own, period!

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Reports are saying the boy he got in a fight with was bullying him, so they scheduled a time to meet in the bathroom and got rid of all that bad blood. Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured. The school administrators are looking into how they will punish the boys.

I’m happy King stood up for himself. It’s already hard enough to be a kid nowadays, and with the added pressure of having celebrity parents, I’m sure people try to test his gangster all the time.

Click on the link below for the video.

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3 thoughts on “TI’s Son Gets Into A Fight At School

  1. We’ll a kid is going to be a kid he might have plenty of fights he has to protec his self some kids don’t like fighting but at the same time they got to learn how to protect their self’s TI Son dose not look like that type too go around starting trouble we all no that by watching the show they are both good with their children I love this family tiny good mother TI you all ways been my dude handsome I been with you since you made your Frist Song love you guys my name is April McLean need a made me to Sarah I’m here lol ?❤️

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