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Tis The Season To Be Dating


How do you know Your Dating?

Wolf in A Sheep Clothing.

Black Widow on the Prowl.


The Wolf in Sheep Clothing.

Jason hits my messenger of Facebook and introduces his interest in getting to know me. I proceed to check out his Facebook page after I send a friend request so that I can check out his page. Many times people post a lot of their activities and opinions on social media which gives you a glimpse of their character. Keep in mind when you are browsing an individuals social media page, they are 9 times out of 10 misrepresenting themselves. If you accept a date from someone you meet on social meeting, check them out. There are many sites that are free and/or cost-effective that allows you to see there public records. Take notice to the type of post, memes, pictures, and/or people they follow. Mr or Ms Right may be Mr or Ms Wrong. Jason was someone I would not date and he was immediately block. His page exposed that he is ‘The Wolf in Sheep Clothing.’

Black Widow on the Prowl.

20th Century Dating is soooooo WHACK! These men are dating one another or many of them don’t have their lives together. I don’t have time to be waiting on the Potential Mr. Right. Where is Mr. Right Now. I’m a catch and a male needs to meets at least 90% of my standards. Let me see who is on My IG and social media dating sites that I may be able to spin into my web. Not too concerned if he is husband material or the King that was created just for me, but needs to have the right bank account and social capital status. If this doesn’t work or if I’m bored with it…….On to the next Candidate.

How do you know Your Dating?


Sweetest Day is a holiday that is celebrated in the Midwestern United States, and parts of the Northeastern United States, on the third Saturday in October.[1] It is a day to share romantic deeds or expressions.[2] 10 states and parts of two states observe Sweetest Day: IllinoisIndianaKentuckyMichiganMissouriNorth DakotaOhioSouth DakotaWisconsinWest VirginiaWashington and areas of both New York and Pennsylvania west of the spine of the Appalachian Mountains.[citation needed] Sweetest Day has also been referred to as a “concocted promotion” created by the candy industry solely to increase sales of sweets.[3]



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