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To Sex Tape or Not???

PhotoGrid_1444100265144A short time ago, the beautiful Nikki Mudarris was in the news for a leaked sex tape snippet of a sexual encounter with her boyfriend Mally Mall. If you aren’t familiar with who Nikki or Mally are I’ll bring you up to speed. Buckle in and hold on hunnie!!!! Nikki is a 25 year old entreprenuer and socialite of labanese/morrocan descent. She has newly added to the title reality star. Mally Mall is a 38 year old platinum selling producer of Egyptian/Brazilian descent that has worked with the likes of Drake, Pusha T, and Rick Ross to name a few. He too, just added reality star to his resume. The pair are cast mates on the Love and Hip Hop : Hollywood reality show. Ok now that we got that out of the way let’s continue…

While viewing the snippet I wondered… how many people would do a sex tape with their partners? How many have? My current bf and I had the discussion…. Would we ever record one? I personally feel as though he’s trust worthy enough but I would rather wait until we’re married or something. Never would I do that in bf/gf status. That’s just me. But then he posed the idea that status shouldn’t matter but level of knowledge or trust with that person does. I agreed but I also responded with my business mind. When you’re building a brand/legacy you don’t want ya vagina plastered on the internet. Or atleast without notarized and witnessed non disclosure agreements in place. IMO Now that I have provided my reasons for why not, let’s go into reasons why you should sex tape!

But what about the couples out there who have done so who aren’t married, who are married now and those who arent even a couple… How do you draw the conclusion that it’s a go?

So I’ll remove my biased ass opinion for this part lol and give the reasoning that my wonderful bf provided

Here’s a few reasons why the sex-tape could be beneficial…

  1. Spontaneous

Men and women love to have adventurous sexual trysts where there’s a lasting impression.

2.  A learning tool

Some couples learn from reviewing themselves in the act… to review that arch, that stroke, that straddle

3. Future Pleasuring

Sort of like reason #2 but is done in your spare time. Ladies, you know when he’s out with the guys and it’s just you and ya toy or ya fingers… don’t play like you dont know what I’m saying!GIIIRRRRLLLLL you betta getcho life!

4. Blackmail

Tehehehe okay I’m kidding but for the sick individuals out there who use things like sex tapes for time, shoes, clothes, jewels,or money this one is for ya’ll. I’m not endorsing this neither does earkandyradio.com or any of it’s affiliates(disclaimer) but there are people who use this. Please reference Ray J & Kim K.

Now think about this folks!!!!! All I’m saying is that if you’re dealing with any one who has something to benefit from dealing with you then maybe this isn’t a good idea. You’re a potential come up. Don’t fall prey. But if it’s an equal playing field then have fun making ya flick !!!!


Apprehensive but Open minded,


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