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Tommie Lee’s New Surgically Enhanced Booty

Tommie Lee has just showed the world her new surgically enhanced booty on her social media networks, and WOW is all I can say!

As we have previously reported, Tommie is getting ready to start filming for her own reality show, which will be called Tommie Sh*t. The cameras will follow her around while she just lives life (with her crazy ass) and deals with situations lol.

Back to the booty, it’s looking real nice. Most of her male followers are loving it, but of course the female followers have a lot to say.

(Why does it always have to be females hatin on other females?)

Image result for tommie lee mugshots

I just feel like Tommie has overcome so much in her life. We all saw the 50 million mugshots of her, so we know she’s had a rough life. I just don’t understand why people always have something to say and can’t be happy for somebody else!

Tommie Lee… you go girl with that fat ass! You look great boo!!

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