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Tommiee Lee Gets Stiches Removed By Her Boss Mona Scott Young

Tommiee Lee a Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star posted a video on her instagram story of her boss Mona Scott Young Television Producer and entrepreneur taking out her stiches that was in her back. I think it’s really dope to have a boss that will go above and beyond to make sure your good and healthy.

Tommiee Lee
Mona Scott Young

She pulled the stitches out professionally she had her scissors ready. You can see how excited and accomplished she felt after she was done. Tommiee’s caption on the video said “When the boss get you right! @monascottyoung is so nasty she loves sh*t like this” S/O to Mona Scott for doing that maybe she should be in the medical field too. Click the link below to check out the video 

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