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Tommy Hilfiger Wants To Work With Lizzo

According to TMZ, Tommy Hilfiger (you know the guy who “allegedly” said he never wanted black people wearing his clothes) said he wants to work with Lizzo because she’s a star.

Well 1st of all, I wanted to help put the rumors to rest, because Hilfiger said that was a huge rumor started back in 1996 & he never said those things or felt that way about minorities wearing his designs.

We had heard that I was supposedly on “Oprah,” and I had told her that if I had known black people were going to buy my clothes, I wouldn’t have been a designer. I had never been on “Oprah,” and I had never said that. And I would never believe that anyway, nor would I ever say that anyway. Then Joel Horowitz, who was still chief executive of the business, came to me and said, “Do you know in my Jewish community, people are saying that you also don’t want Jewish people wearing your clothes?” Then we read the Filipino tabloids, then we heard from Hispanics [that I didn’t want them wearing my clothes] and pretty soon dogs and cats. It was a rumor and a myth. Oprah invited me [to be on the show to deal with it]. Some people may still believe it. ~ 2007 Statement from Hilfiger

Any who, Tommy says there is a long list of celebrities that he would like to collaborate with, but when he was pressured to name one of them… he said Lizzo & he is anxious to work with her no matter what she is wearing because she is a STAR. You better get it girl!!!

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