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Tonight’s Email Questions…

Tonight on the show, we are talking about Succa Attacks!  What is a succa attack…. Well it can range from playing on your mate’s phone, to busting out windows in cars, to bleaching clothes… even can go as far as domestic violence.  Here are a few emails we received tonight.  They are not necessarily related to succa attacks, but I could see a succa attack coming on from any of these emails.

boyfriends brother

IDK if this is considered a sucka attack, but Im just going to give it to you straight.  I have been sleeping with my boyfriend’s brother for the past 3 months.  Now I am in love with my boyfriend, but me & his brother just hooked up one some drunk shit one night, but the sex was like amazing, so yea I still been sleeping with him.  But I tried to break it off with him because my boyfriend proposed to me and I only want to be with him, but this nigga said if I stop sleeping with him, he will tell my boyfriend & he sent me some video messages, he has me on tape sucking his dick & having sex.  What should I do?

idk my bd

Hi Brittany and Jasmine

So, I listen to the show all the time, but I am to shy to talk.  I am pregnant and I dont know who the dad is.  It is between 4 people.  One of the guys immediately thought it was his and he didnt ask me any questions, he is just preparing for us to have a baby (but I know for a fact it is not his). He has bought everything, but one of the other guys just told me that he thinks its his baby (and it may actually be his baby).  What should I do, because I dont want to risk guy #1 stopping to help me if guy #2 really isnt the dad. But I am due in 5 weeks.
Please let me be kept a secret.  I have a 4 year old. My BD has been paying child support for his whole life, but the real dad has come back in the picture. yup the real dad. I never thought he wanted to be apart of his life so another man stepped up. I just wasnt completely honest about him not being the dad. what do I do? he hasnt wanted to be in her life for 4 whole years. Now he is trying to come around and ruin everything.
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