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Tootie (Boosie) son speaks out!

Recently Boosie bad ass spoke out on Dwyane Wade allowing his son now daughter to identify as a girl instead of a boy! Now Dwayne has publicly spoke out stated that his son expressed that he has known he was transgender since the age of 3!

I’m not sure if multiple people misunderstood the interview D. Wade recently did! But it sounded like he was agreeing and signing off on his child to have a sex change! That’s where Boosie’s video came in! ( video below)


During the video Boosie said “don’t cut his dick off! Let him be gay but don’t cut his dick off!” Now Wade has yet to officially reply to Boosie, nor did he confirm that his now daughter was getting a sex change!

Boosie Son Tootie was fed up with people speaking on his father about his comments! Check out what baby Boosie (Tootie) had to say!

Tootie said leave his dad alone! He said what he said!

What’s you’re thoughts? Social media has been going crazy over this topic! Is Wade apart of a conspiracy to turn out Black King’s into Black Queens?

He’s not the first celebrity to raise a young African American boy as a girl. If you notice in media, they show young black boys in dresses!

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