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Top 10 Reasons Drake is #1 Rapper

Okay, I just have to admit it…  Drake is now my favorite rapper, and here are my Top 10 reasons why!  Now some of these reasons may only be specific to reasons I think he’s the best (but you may be able to learn something you never knew about him before).

  1. New Video God’s Plan –  So SUPER HUGE shout out to Drake on the new video.  As if the song wasn’t dope enough, he goes and drops the visual for it!  WOW… looks like the label gave him a budget of almost a million dollars and he literally gave it all away, filmed it and made it into a video.  Throughout the video, Drake can be seen giving out a $50,000 scholarship to a University of Miami student, $50,000 to a women’s shelter, $50,000 to a youth center, $25,000 to after-school programs, $20,000 to the Miami Fire Department, and $10,000 to UM’s school of music. In addition to the significant donations, he donates new cars to Miami families and hands out stacks of cash to a few mothers and their children, telling them, “We’re nothing without our mothers, so thank you.”  The rapper even walks into a grocery store and announces, “Anything you guys want in the store is free, you can have whatever you guys want,” as customers fill up their carts, and took kids on a mall shopping spree.  It really doesn’t get any realer than that!
  2. The fact that the haters cannot name ONE bad verse from Drake has to be in my top two reasons (coupled with his “great” dance moves).  I love the fact that he continues to be himself, no matter what people say about his moves (reminds me of P. Diddy and Mary J. – and I love them too).  It’s just something about a person who doesn’t care what other people think about them.  But, are you still thinking about a bad Drake verse?  Don’t worry…  I’ll wait?!  But yes, your boy Drake has had 160 songs on the TOP 100 billboard charts, 22 of them were in the top 10, and he had four #1 hits (WORK ft Rihanna, ONE DANCE ft WizKid & Kyla, WHAT’S MY NAME ft Rihanna and GOD’S PLAN).  
  3. His birthday happens to be on 10-24 … which also happens to be my husband’s birthday!  Shout out to a real one (follow @cukymonster on IG).  But that also is the 1st day for the zodiac sign Scorpio.   It is said that Cancer’s (which is my sign) & Scorpio’s are a best fit (relationships & friendships).  Who’s your
    best zodiac match?   Take a look at the chart below.  95 is the highest… who do you match well with & does it prove to be true to you?  
  4. His full name is Aubrey Drake Graham…  & Aubrey just so happens to be both of my nephew’s names.  S/O to VannAubrey Thomas & AubreyAumelo Thomas.
  5. He has a really awesome relationship with his dad (Dennis Graham).  His dad can be seen meeting so many different famous pop stars, going to the after parties and being Drake’s right hand every hour of the day.  
  6. Drake has the keys to the city.  No literally… he has a key to his city.  He received a key to the city of Toronto after the NBA All Star game a few years ago.  What other rapper can actually say they have the keys, the keys, the keys?? 
  7. His lyrics make some really good captions for social media!  I can honestly relate with almost ALL of Drake’s music.  If you follow me on IG @earkandyradio or FB @Brittney C. Miller… you will definitely see my reciting Drake’s lyrics in a post, or posting a video of me singing to one of his songs.  I also post the music signs so people won’t think I came up with is myself.  
  8. Also… LYRICALLY speaking, he is one of the best “rappers” in the game (although I do not consider Drake solely a rapper, but more of an artist).  Lyricism – Noun: “…An artist’s expression of emotion in an imaginative and beautiful way; the quality of being lyrical.”  For me the one of the main components of lyricism is wordplay (the ability to manipulate language for effective delivery).  This could be punchlines, similes, metaphors etc.  In saying that, there are a million and one punchline rappers who do not fit the bill, because they lack the other key components: consistency, staying on topic and delivery.  When rappers lack any of these key components, to me, they are just trying to make the words rhyme.  & I swear I just cannot stand a story book rhyming rapper.
  9. He sells both records & tickets!  In 2017, Drake hit #5 on the Forbes list of richest in hip hop (with his net worth being $90 million).  The whole point of making music (in my opinion of course) is to be able to sell units and tickets.  All these artists talking about “they are doing it for the love of music blah blah blah” is all well and good, BUT let’s be honest… bills need to be paid at the end of the day.   
  10. At the end of the day, he is really a pretty inspirational artist.  Pessimistic people will always hear what they want to hear. They will listen to a rapper talking about wealth and see it as a rapper who is out of touch with the rest of society, whereas other people would see it as an inspiration on what can be achieved and how to go about it. Its funny how people claim that Drake is inconsistent when you can cross reference lyrics from various songs and see that he is one of the most consistent with his message.
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