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Travis Scott Gets Plastic Surgery

In celebrity news, Travis Scott (Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend) recently showed his “new face” off during the premier of his new Netflix special. The Netflix documentary will dive into Travis Scott’s rise to rap super-stardom, his transition to fatherhood, and his frustrated reaction to losing Album of the Year to Cardi B, and it will be called Netflix’s ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’ chronicles.

Back to this new face… and when I saw full face, I mean FULL FACE! Allegedly, Travis Scott has undergone a full face lift and a nose job! Kylie’s boyfriend/child’s father totally stunned the crowd by revealing a new face – which included a reconstructed nose, skin tightening, and much more.

Take a look at the pictures below… before and after & tell me if you think this was a dramatic change for the rapper?


How do you guys feel about men getting plastic surgery? Let’s talk about it below. Me personally, I think plastic surgery is cool, but I do think people really take it to the extreme. Once you change your face and we can no longer recognize you… I would have to say you might not really love yourself.

But hey, if he likes it then I love it!

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