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Trey Songz Will Be Celebrating Father’s Day This Year!

That’s right ladies… Your boy Trey Songz is now a pappy! He posted two pictures… one of him holding his baby’s little foot (captioned with a blue heart) & one of his baby sleeping (captioned My son Noah. We are blessed and overjoyed. Peace ?? ) on his Instagram account.

A lot of celebrities don’t post their babies as soon as they’re born because people can be really mean and rude when it comes to how newborns look. But NOPE… Not Trey Songz! His son is so precious & so handsome!

Unfortunately, not everybody is happy about Trey Songz becoming a father!!! His female fans were PISSED OFF and they took to social media to express their feelings.

Forgive me in advance for laughing, because some of these were funny AF!!


Wow trey songz really had a cute ass baby with someone that’s not me, I’m hurt. Offended. Appalled.


Trey songz got a kid? When was I pregnant?



When I find out I’m not the mother of Trey Songz child.

CANCER SZN @artxdevii

Trey Songz had a child??? Who’s the mother I just wanna talk….


Whoever gave Trey Songz a baby fuck you

MOSS™ ?? ?‏ @_officialMossMay 17More


When women all over the world hear that Trey Songz has a child, and they not the baby mama

T R E Y W A Y  ?‏ @cosanostratreyMay 16More

Trey Songz and his baby mama probably not even together so it’s still hope for y’all to play step mama

Slim SLΛY  ✨‏ @ShyrellllMay 16More


So Trey Songz baby mama was still doing porn while pregnant #BigBangTheory

creole k‏ @AyeeKay40sevenMay 16More

So Trey Songz was on the world wide web flirting with my homegirl Megan Thee Stallion while his baby mama was sitting somewhere with swollen ankles 2 cm dilated?

T‏ @MssTianMay 16More


trendytweets‏ @trendyaftweetsMay 16More


The fact that another female has just gave him the best gift in the world and will be able to witness him being a father to her baby.. I JUST CAN NOT! IM HURT BUT ALSO HAPPY FOR HIM! WTF TREY SONGZ

kat ♡‏ @justakat96May 16More

Lmfaooo everyone is surprised Trey Songz has a baby like we haven’t been singing along to his sex anthems since 2007. Y’all thought he was pulling out?

This picture was uploaded then deleted.
Just adorable!

Congratulations Trey Songz and welcome to fatherhood from Earkandyradio! & be sure to follow on Instagram @Earkandyradio

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