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Trick Daddy Gets Aggressive With Woman After Being Rejected

Miami woman (@poopolishedd on Twitter) claims rapper, Trick Daddy, was aggressive with her after rejecting his advances to get with her (& there’s video proof).

The incident occurred outside of a Miami nightclub. In the video, Trick Daddy can be seen trying to talk to the woman and grabbing her by her wrist. He told her if she wants to go viral to touch him in front of the police and he would knock her out. She pushed him away, and it looks like Trick took a swing at her, but the video stopped.

Witnesses and the victim claim Trick Daddy paid for her to get in the club, and watched her the entire time she was in the club. Allegedly he got upset when they wanted to go their separate way in the club after he spent his money on them.

Trick Daddy seems to be in a downward spiral… first he talks bad about Queen Bey and now this!

Ear Kandy Radio will keep you posted as the story unfolds.

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