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Trump wants to delay the presidential election

Trump needs to delay the election since Biden is in the lead. Republicans and Democrats disagree.

Democratic and Republican governors Thursday swiftly denounced President Donald Trump’s suggestion the November presidential election be delayed, defending the legitimacy of voting by mail and assuring voters the election will take place Nov. 3.

Trump suggests delaying election to avoid ‘inaccurate & fraudulent’ election in tweet. The blowback from the state level added to the chorus of bipartisan criticism nationally that followed Trump’s tweet in which, assailing mail-voting as “INACCURATE AND FRAUDULENT,” he posed the question: “Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???”

Pritzker called the right to vote “essential,” adding that’s why he signed a law to expand vote-by-mail and make elections in Illinois safer during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“The President cannot move an election,” Pritzker said. “We will not allow you to undermine the foundations of our democracy. Everyone: keep November 3 on your calendar.”

Delaying a presidential election would be unprecedented – the nation did not do so even during the Civil War and World War II.

The date of the presidential election, the first Tuesday of November, is set by federal law, meaning Congress, not the president, has the power to change it. Even if the president and Congress wanted to delay the election, it would be a virtually impossible climb legally, analysts said.

Trump’s tweet, which he pinned atop his Twitter page, came after months of sagging poll numbers showing him losing to presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Trump has long been on a crusade against mail-in voting during the coronavirus pandemic, which he’s slammed as a plot by Democrats to “rig the election.”

The U.S. Constitution requires congressional elections every two years. To hold congressional and presidential elections together, a delayed presidential election would still need to take place in 2020.

Instead, the new speaker of the House, or Nancy Pelosi if the Democrats maintain control, would be first in line to be acting president. But if the congressional election were not held either, Pelosi’s term would end Jan. 3. That would make the president pro tempore of the Senate – currently Grassley – the acting president, according to federal law.

Democratic Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, slammed Trump, calling on the president to focus on the pandemic.

“Vote by mail is safe and secure. You can’t delay the election. 150,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. Stop tweeting. Do your job,” Inslee said on Twitter. 

Will Trump be our next president? What do you think?

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