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Trump Wins Ohio

The entire nation is anxiously waiting on the rest of the votes for the 2020 Presidential Election to be tallied, to see if our new President Elect will be Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

Over 90% of the votes have been counted for the state of Ohio, and Donald Trump received a little more than 53% of votes. If you are aware of the history of Ohio voters, we have chosen the President in every election since 1944 (except one year in 1960 between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy).

Ohio is a huge battle ground state. Winning the state of Ohio gave Donald Trump 18 electoral votes (270 electoral votes are needed to win the election), and if history repeats itself, it looks like he may be winning a second term of presidency.

Based on some social media posts I’ve seen, so many people believed their vote didn’t matter or wouldn’t count. There were over 5.7 million voters in Ohio, and Trump won a little over 53% of the vote. That’s less than 500,000 votes. People scream about wanting change, but don’t show up to the polls to let their voices be heard.

Postmarked ballots have until Nov. 13 to arrive, but no additional results will be reported for at least a little over a week after the election. Counties may report their full official count after their vote canvass, due by Nov. 18, but full statewide results will not be available until final certification, due by Nov. 28.

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