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Trump’s Daughter Tiffany is Dating a Nigerian Billionaire

I wonder how our infamous President, Mr. Donald Trump feels about his daughter dating a Nigerian man.  I’m sure we all remember when Mr. President referred to Haiti and other African nations as “shit hole countries” during a meeting at the White House earlier this year.

Well now it has been reported that his youngest daughter Tiffany has been dating a Nigerian Billionaire!  He grew up in Nigeria and also attended school in Nigeria.  His name is Michael Boulos and he is heir to a multi-billion dollar construction (and more) company.

Michael is a real Nigerian who speaks fluent in their language (Yoruba) and he also considers himself African.  Seeing how Michael’s skin color is that of a white man, I am very curious to know how Trump feels about his potential new son-in-law, as reports are telling us Michael and Tiffany have been moving pretty fast.  She brought him to Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of the family.  Michael’s skin is white but he is a billionaire from Nigeria… do you guys think this sit well with Trump?  Let’s talk about it.

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