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Trumps final day in the White House

President Trump is expected to issue more than 100 pardons, plus, the latest security concerns ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration Wednesday. We hope for a peaceful transition. What are your thoughts?

Trump is starting his last full day in office hiding from the public and plotting to steal Biden’s thunder, as his approval ratings plummet to historic lows

Donald Trump
President Donald Trump. 

President-elect Joe Biden is set to be inaugurated Wednesday, meaning Tuesday is President Donald Trump’s last full day in the White House.

Trump has spent the last days of his presidency hidden from public view and with his approval ratings the lowest they have ever been.

Trump is not planning to attend Biden’s inauguration and instead seems poised to try to steal focus from the event, including by flying out early.

Vice President Mike Pence has taken Trump’s place in many of the ceremonial tasks that presidents typically do before they leave office, such as attending an inauguration briefing.

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