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Trump’s Former Lawyer Gets Sentenced To 3 Years in Prison

Now this case has been all over the news channels as well as all over the internet and social media.  A lot of people felt like if we would be able to get charges to stick to Donald Trump’s former attorney, then we would have a good chance of charging him with something, and at the very least… get him impeached out of office!

Well Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer just got sentenced to three years in federal prison yesterday.  Cohen plead guilty to a number of campaign finance violations, tax evasion and also lying to the Congress about the dealings President Trump had with Russia.  

If you guys remember earlier in their career together, Michael Cohen proudly claimed e would “take a bullet” for Trump…  Now Cohen claims he thought it was his job to cover up all the dirty deeds of his former client.  He turned on the President real quick!

Michael Cohen must report to prison on March 6th, so he does have a little time to get his family business and financials in order before he goes.  Cohen was also ordered to pay $1.4 Million in restitution, a $50,000 fine and must also forfeit $500,000.  During sentencing, Cohen stated that his “blind loyalty” to Trump led him “to take a dark path of darkness instead of light.” 

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