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Trya Banks Speaks w/ Sway On Her New Project ModelLand

Tyra Banks has always did her own thing in the “model world” and created her own lane. From her catwalks to America’s Next Top Model, she has always showed women how to own their “look” and how to be fierce.

Tyra recently went on Sway’s Universe and spoke candidly about her new project, ModelLand, where visitors can live their “ultimate modeling experience.” The theme park is 21,000 sq. ft., multi-level, story-driven attraction that features fashion, photo shoots, shopping, runways and much more. For tickets and more information, go to model-land.com

The theme park is located in Santa Monica, CA and tickets are now on sale… starting off around $1500, and it is set to open May 1, 2020. Take a look at the entire interview on Sway’s Universe. I love how real and down to earth Tyra has always been!

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