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Two Kids Are MISSING From East Akron

Akron, OH – Two children have been reported missing from the east side of Akron, and their mother is worried sick.

Anjelina last saw her children around 6:00 pm in their home Saturday evening. They were outside playing since it was nice out, and never returned. She reported the kids missing, but the police refused to issue an Amber Alert since nobody saw the kids being abducted.

Amarra Christian is 10 years old, and she was wearing a black London Fog coat with a hood, black & blue leggings and some Uggs with her hair in a ponytail.

Nehemiah Garcia is 9 years old, and he was wearing a green & black sketcher coat, blue & red Spider-Man shorts (came a little above his ankles) and black & orange Shaq shoes. His hair is in a curly Afro.

Amarra also had a cell phone. It was last used around 11:30pm, and the last ping was off the Jenkins Tower on the east side of Akron. If anybody has any information about their whereabouts, please contact Anjelina at (216) 376-4246.

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