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T’yanna Wallace, the daughter of deceased rapper Notorious B.I.G., has said that she is tired of being recognized as his daughter — and nothing more.

T’yanna Wallace has her own clothing store. Named after her father Notorious. She loves people recognizes who she is from her father but is ready to build her own name.

T’yaAnna says she wants to be known for her own accomplishments and not just being Bigg Smalls daughter. She wishes to be her own person, and make her own money.

Her father left his family off well and their still getting paid for his music. The beautiful you g lady’s wants to make her own money. She even kept a job while going to school Penn State university.

Me. Wallace is paving her own way and creating a name for herself in the fashion industry. She already has her own clothing line and store! This is what we love to see! Young black entrepreneurs beating statistics and making a way!

You go girl!

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