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Tyga Leaks His Nudes To His Onlyfans Page

Rapper Tyga recently started an Onlyfans page and leaked his nudes, showing his family jewels to his subscribers/fans… and both his female and male fans are going crazy saying he’s blessed!

“Onlyfans” is one of the newest platforms (based in London, United Kingdom) celebrities are using to connect with their fans. There is usually a monthly subscription to gain access to the page, but most celebrities use Onlyfans to promote their music and post PG pictures of themselves.

EXPLICIT CONTENT… Please view at your own risk.

>>> Click here to see Tyga’s nudes<<<

Tyga seems to be one of the first celebrities to use his account to promote such explicit content on his page. Subscribers can pay $20 per month to view all of Tyga’s content on Onlyfans. Take a look at the pictures & let us know what you guys think.

>>> Click here to see Tyga’s nudes <<<

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