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Uncle Murda Rap Up 2019 Diss Track

Uncle Murda dropped his annual & highly anticipated “Rap Up 2019” diss track and I must say he dropped some serious jewels!!

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He talked about everybody from

  • K. Michelle – saying her p*ssy stank
  • Tekashi 6ix9ine – telling ass, baby mom was fucking one of his homies & if he was here he would’ve told us who shot Ghost
  • Bobbi Smurda – needs to be celebrated
  • Nipsey Hussle – was a legend & should still be alive & should’ve killed 69
  • Meek Mill – finally off probation
  • Juice Wrld – died too young
  • Trey Songz – nobody wanted to hear him on Power theme song
  • Joe – Power didn’t feel right without hearing him in the beginning
  • Tank – wtf was this nigga saying on the Breakfast Club… if he sucked dick before then he’s gay
  • R. Kelly – he knew what the fuck he was doing, he ain’t innocent
  • Apryl Jones – she’s a whore & she fucked Fizz now he can’t go on tour
  • Drake – booed off stage by a gay crowd
  • Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich – had to be some crack, weed or molly in it
  • Kanye West – only prmoting God because new album is coming out & he didn’t write Jesus walks (ask J. Cole)
  • Gucci – we stopped rocking for a couple months after some racist shit, now we’re back wearing it
  • Jussie Smollet – gay Tupac
  • Colin Kapernick – now Jay Z making some decisions, let’s see how it plays out
  • Oprah Winfrey – why is she going after all her black friends
  • Trump – getting impeached made America great again
  • 21 Savage – don’t deport him, let him stay (even though he lied about being from Atlanta)
  • Travis Scott – fucked up with Kylie Jenner
  • Jordan Woods – became famous by fucking her friend’s baby’s dad
  • Nas x – came out the closet
  • NBA Youngboy – running around with herpes
  • George Zimmerman – suing Trayvon Martin’s family
  • Keyshia Cole – Not feeling OT Genasis for remixing that record
  • Cardi B – the queen of this shit we proud of her
  • Nicki Minaj – married now to a plug
  • Remy Ma – got snitched on but found not guilty
  • Lizzo – put on for the BBW’s
  • Steve Harvey – should have been checking Lori Harvey hymen like T.I. was checking for his daughter’s
  • John Witherspoon – RIP
  • Black Girls Winning – Miss USA, Miss Universe …
  • Gunna – on crime stopper snitching too hard
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I can’t remember everything, I know I forgot some shit LOL, but check it out below and tell me how you guys feel about the diss track??

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