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Unemployment benefits wiped from accounts with no explanation

If you are or were getting unemployment during the pandemic, its time to check your accounts and monitor your withdrawals closely. Many americans woke up to empty accounts with no explanation other than your account has been closed.

Many people receiving unemployment money from Arizona woke up Saturday to empty accounts. After looking into this further, it seems to be participants who received Bank of America prepaid cards for Arizona unemployment. The people affected were people who filed for Arizona unemployment but lived in a different state.

Many people woke up to empty bank accounts with all their money vanishing overnight.

One person from Arizona loss $5,100 overnight. He later received a message that read Your Account has been closed per request of your employer.

What a terrible way to wake up and start your weekend. This incident happened in Arizona but be sure to look out for other instances across the U.S. Check your accounts. Unemployment agencies want their monies back!

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