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Unrecognizable Celebrities without make-up

Being a celebrity is all about projecting a certain brand and image. I wouldn’t notice some of these celebs. Adele, Cardi B, Beyonce, Madonna, just to name a few. Who wouldn’t you recognizable ?

A celebrity’s persona is as important as the music they make or the movies the appear in, and with the advent of social media any photo taken of a celeb by any passing stranger can alter their image forever.

Celebrities have been challenging the concept that they need to look at their most glamorous at all times by uploading photos of themselves in unpolished looks under the hashtags #NoMakeUp and #WokeUpLikeThis, showing they are real people, just like everyone else.

But sometimes, the difference between one look and another is so radical, that it’s almost impossible to recognize the celebrity in question! What do these famous people look like before they put their war paint on?

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