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Unsolved Murders in the Akron Area

There have been so many SENSELESS & UNSOLVED murders going on around the world…  & to think about all the police brutality also going around is a slap in the face!  It makes me think like what are the police actually doing out here???  Why are there are many unsolved murders???  Do they not care to find the murderers, or are they just lazy and WORRIED ABOUT THE WRONG SH#T (please excuse my language)?!?!?  People are constantly going to court for driving under suspension, child support, drugs, miscellaneous misdemeanor charges (not saying these issues are not pressing) but what about all these people who are senselessly losing their lives, or even child molesters who are slapped on the wrist for such a heinous crime.   Nowadays people will get more jail/prison time for a drug related offense, then for killing or molesting somebody.

As a police officer, I feel it is their job to solve these murders.  It’s like they are putting justice into to the hands of the grieving family members because they want to see justice served!!!  Many people would rather the murderer go to jail, but “an eye for an eye” seems to be the way things are being FORCED to be handled.  Are the police really doing their job if all these murders continue to go unsolved.

Please take a look at all these UNSOLVED AKRON MURDERS…  If you see anybody you know, please comment below an R.I.P.  post… also if you have any information regarding any of the crimes, please contact the number/email shown in the video…


Sad thing about this video is it was published in 2012… so we still have a lot of people who need to be added to this unsolved homicide list!!!

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