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Up & Coming Adult Entertainer MELLA MILLIONS

I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Mella Millionz on our show Secret Battles, Hosted by DeAnna Kay, Steve Parker and myself (Brittney Miller) on Ear Kandy Radio.  She actually sat right by me in the studio and she was so beautiful.  You know, like such a natural beauty.  But I think what made her even more beautiful to me was her personality!  She was such a sweetheart.   

But Mella Millionz is an up & coming adult entertainer from Canton, Ohio.  She has done some stripping all over the United States (including some of the hottest clubs and private parties) and she has even done some adult films.  Yes you heard me right, adult films… you know, like real live pornos!

And I definitely agree with the caption of that video.  Her head game is definitely proper!  A1… she gets it wet and keeps it wet and sloppy, just how they like it.  When she came on our show, she also participated in the infamous “cucumber challenge”.  Oh, you never heard of it?  Well basically it’s a challenge to show you dick sucking or head giving skills on a cucumber.  Before she started the challenge she told us that she wasn’t going to deep throat it (because anybody can do that) but she wanted to give the ladies some tips and a visual presentation on how to get it wet. Take a look at this short clip of the challenge.

Mella Millionz is also very smart as well.  She knows that in the adult industry, you only have so much time to really make your mark & stand out.  She is currently looking to do a movie/roll with the beautiful “Lick My Kakez” who only does girl on girl.  You may have seen her on social media or on a adult films, the lady with the really, really long tongue!  LOL

But that’s not all…  Our girl Mella Millionz has her mind on her money & her money on her mind and she truly has a sound exit plan for this adult industry.  But until then… follow her on all her social media avenues

FaceBook – @Mella Llewellyn

Instagram – @Mella_da_real_millionz

Tumblr – @mellamillionz.tumblr.com

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