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Up & Coming Artist Que G

Rapper Que G from Akron, Oh appeared on Secret Battles yesterday (6-5-18) to discuss and debut his new music on Ear Kandy Radio.  Que G s just getting his music career started as he is also about to go to the Air Force.  He told us music is truly one of his passions, so he will continue to pursue his music career while he is in the Air Force.

Name: Que G.

Height :  6’6

Bio: Born & raised in Akron. Grew up in a single parent household. 5 siblings. 
Birthdate: 02-08-1996 (Aquarius)
Hobbies: Drawing/ writing music/ reading/ hanging with family.

What started me in music? 

I grow up in a family full of musicians.
I fell in love with it at 6 years. But what really started me into writing was the Movie “Get Rich Or Tryin”. I saw that 50 cent wrote a song for a girl he liked when he was young. I had a crush at 12. So I decided to do the same thing. Then, I realized I actually had a talent for it. So I kept at it. It became my peace of mind.
Plus I wrote poetry. I was always infatuated with words. I used to read the dictionary.

What currently motivates me in music?

I want real hip-hop back. I love 90’s music. This new age is all about destruction of self & people around.
I want to tell of what’s going on. If music has the power to cause damage and tear people down. It has the power to uplift people too.

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