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US Economist, George Gilder Makes Big Prediction

Throughout his career George has faced serious backlash when making bold predictions. People have slandered him simply to keep his predictions away from the minds of unknowing Americans. In my opinion, this is the most controversial prediction George has ever made, so I expect it will see severe backlash.

I can’t promise it will stay online much longer, so I’m urging you, please take a few minutes to see what George has to say. You won’t regret it.

You see, George’s looks at the world through a different lens than most- and his predictions are rarely wrong.

His ability to see 3 steps ahead of even the biggest thinkers has cemented his status as America’s #1 futurist.

It’s been slowly building for 11 years, and now George believes the revolution has reached critical mass. It’s here.

According to him this is “So big it will shake our economy to the core.”

So to share his prediction before it is too late, George has taken action.

The goal- help Americans everywhere prepare for what’s about to come.

To spread the word, he created a special breakdown of his shocking prediction.

In this groundbreaking presentation, George explains the revolution he sees coming and shows Americans exactly how they can prepare.


A Special Forecast from George Gilder, the man who:

  • Briefed Ronald Reagan on the Microchip in 1986…
  • Forecast the Smartphone Revolution Way Back in 1993…
  • And Who’s Been Called “America’s #1 Futurist”…

George Gilder…

If anybody in your family uses online banking…

Smartphone apps…

Or social media…

If anyone in your family has any money at all invested in Silicon Valley…

Or if any of you invest or do business with any companies like these below…

Company logos

Then I urge you to pay attention, at least for the next two minutes.

Because I need to warn you about a significant and global “REBOOT” that could be extremely close at hand.

This “reboot” could not only radically change the way you conduct your daily life, from how you use your devices to how you handle money…

It could also impact the fate of every one of those companies I’ve just named, plus many, many more…

And it could completely reset the current balance of power on Wall Street.

Even for companies that might seem to you like they’ve got nothing to do with technology, the internet or hot modern trends.

There’s more.

This same global “reboot” could redefine millions of careers. It could kill whole markets and create new ones, seemingly out of whole cloth.

It could redefine your job too, from what you’ll do to earn a living to how you’ll get paid. And how companies will track your progress.

Now, if you’re already skeptical…

Please understand me, I don’t blame you.

After all, Ronald Reagan was skeptical too…

Back in the early 1980s, he and I met, and I personally placed one of the world’s first microchips in the palm of his hand.

I told him then this tiny device would also radically change the world.

Maybe that didn’t look likely to him either.

Yet, within months, that forecast started to pan out.

The microchip revolution clearly did transform our economy.

It also altered the course of his presidency, and it went on to change almost every aspect of lives around the entire globe.

What I’m telling you now is that this $16.8 trillion “reboot” we’re talking about here could soon do something very similar.

This Changes Everything

That’s why I’ve revealed the real details behind this reboot in my book, Life After Google.

In fact, this transformation I’m about to show you may prove to be the biggest revolutionary transformation yet.

Everything — from how you work to how you get paid, to how you save your money and how you spend it — could be very different, not long from right now.

This “reboot” will change how you interact with your family and friends. It will change how you invest. It could, in fact, change the entire landscape of publicly traded companies. And do so faster than you can possibly imagine.

Here’s something else, and this is important. This “reboot” I’m about to show you has nothing to do with politics, the Fed or the fate of the White House.

It’s not an outcome of the ongoing trade wars. I’m not talking about a looming recession, Wall Street’s ups and downs, or a looming military threat.

In fact, very little of what you see polluting today’s mainstream airwaves has even begun to touch on what I’d like to share with you today.

The Dawn of a New Era

To start, don’t get too cozy believing Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix and Facebook will dominate Silicon Valley or the stock market forever.

Because we could be much closer to the end of that era than we are to the beginning.

Again, I understand if this sounds impossible to some mainstream investors.

  • After all, few were convinced when I first predicted the “death of cable TV” back in 1994…
  • Or when I predicted a service like Netflix would change the landscape of entertainment, 10 years before it actually hit American living rooms.
  • Even though anybody else who spotted that trend could have seen a rare gain of 24,461% on Netflix’s shares, from the time they went public until now.
  • And few saw what was coming back when I predicted the smartphone revolution, a full 14 years ahead of Steve Job’s iPhone.
  • Anybody else who understood could have picked up another exceptional 19,295%, by buying Apple shares on June 17, 1994 — one day after I released my book.

I’m just telling you because this coming “reboot” could have a very similar outcome. Maybe even a greater one.

For instance, not only could it create hundreds or even thousands of new companies for investors…

Including a whole new run of tech titans to dominate Wall Street…

But this “reboot” — just like the internet and smartphone revolutions before it — could change the way we buy and sell stocks altogether.

Especially for assets traded online.

That puts at least $2.8 trillion more on the radar.

This massive “reboot” could transform online banking too, from personal retail accounts to mobile payments and online investment banking…

That’s another $7 trillion market ripe for disruption.

I expect this “reboot” to disrupt online retail too, which is a market closing in on $3.45 trillion. Not to mention the $205 billion market for internet ads.

All together my calculations point to…

A $16.8 Trillion Revolution

And I haven’t mentioned, by the way, how this same “reboot” could also fundamentally transform our DAILY worldwide currency markets.

That’s another $5.1 trillion — again, per day — on the radar.

This isn’t news that should keep you up at night. In fact, quite the opposite.

Because the truth is, this same “reboot” event I see ahead could actually mint thousands and even millions of new millionaires over time.

If you recognize my name, perhaps you know that I’ve had a long history of helping others see the opportunity in radical transformation…

“I subscribed to George Gilder’s Technology Newsletter in the 1990s and turned $250,000 into $6,000,000 before the tech crash…”

— Eli Mueller

“I made over a million with George back in the late 90s. I’m hoping to do it again 20 years later.”

— Dave Jones

“I followed you in the late 90s and made boatloads of money. I’ve been hoping you would come back to us! Looking forward to every word!”

— Bruce Atkinson

From self-driving cars to AI machines…From the app economy to next-level medicine…

From the energy markets to health care, retail, advertising, social media and more.

All of them have unifying thread in this coming “reboot.”

And all of them offer you new opportunities to get very rich.

You could either let me show you what those opportunities are.

Or you ignore what I’ve uncovered and wait to catch up, along with everybody else.

For more info, google George Gilder…GET READY FOR THE $16.8 TRILLION “REBOOT” OF 2020 AND BEYOND

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