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Usher Does Have Herpes – Medical Records Exposed

Okay, do you guys remember a couple years ago when Usher was accused of having herpes by a woman he had sex with names Quantasia? Social media nicknamed her “Big Quantasia” and it seemed like people cared more about her being a bigger woman than the fact Usher was being exposed for having herpes.

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Well fast forward, and now two years later… Quantasia is still pissed off. Usher settled in court and had to pay her $110,000, but she is obviously still out for blood.

Quantasia was just on an infamous YouTube show called “Unwine With Tasha K” and she put out some more allegations about the singer (none of which were substantiated). The fact that she couldn’t prove any of the new allegations didn’t stop her from bringing up the “old news” but this time she leaked the receipts. Take a look below.

Do you guys think any legal action should be pursued against her?? She already got the pay out (& I’m sure there was some kind of non-disclosure clause) but still went public about the issue? Who’s in the wrong?? I just feel like if she was going to do all that, she should have never settled out of court for $110,000. Comment below & be sure to follow me on Instagram @earkandyradio.

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