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Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him

Lady’s Valentine’s Day is coming up and I made a post asking what guys wanted as a gift. Surprisingly their not hard to please lol. Most guys kept it simple asking for a nice meal and sex! But I feel like they get that anyway or at least they should.

I was taught to keep your mans stomach full. Have sex, give oral sex without asking and don’t “nag”. Just a few tips lady’s lol now if your man is a gamer I suggest you buy him a few new games or preown games. If he likes to smell good his favorite Cologne and his favorite candy.

If he likes things from the heart give him a customized t-shirt, blanket or coffee mug with pictures of you all together. If he has children you can do this with pictures of the children. Take him to a basketball ball game. Buy him a shirt with his favorite team.

Men love money a nice card with all ones makes $50 look a lot like $100 lol. Gift cards to his favorite places is always a plus. The normal gifts such as under clothes, t-shirts and candy. If he likes to drink I suggest his favorite liquor and the dollar store has glass shot glasses.

So buy him something thoughtful or something he can use. Tools, headphones, clothes, shoes or a nice get away. If he likes to be a big kid scene 75 And Dave and Busters.

Dress up in something sexy, put on some heels or sexy socks! Create a sex play list and dance for him. Don’t forget the rose pedals and candles! Cooking almost naked is a plus as well! So get sexy shake some ass, have lots of sex! Extra sloppy on the blow job, y’all dirty to him lol and don’t nag!

Remember safe sex or you’ll be a new mom come November. Happy love making

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