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Vanessa Bryant Sues Helicopter Company For Wrongful Death

Vanessa Bryant, wife of the late Kobe Bryant, has allegedly filed a lawsuit again the helicopter company, Island Express, responsible for the death of her husband and daughter.

Vanessa and her lawyers believe the helicopter was placed in a compromising situation because the helicopter should have never been cleared to fly in those conditions. The conditions on January 26th were extremely foggy, making it difficult for pilot, Ara Zobayan, to see. Bryant’s legal team says the weather on that day was not conducive for the pilot or the company to allow the helicopter to take flight. 

The lawsuit claims the pilot was flying recklessly, he didn’t monitor weather reports and/or he did not abort the flight once he say the conditions we too not suitable for travel. The pilot was traveling at 180 miles per hour in the fog going down a steep incline before the crash.

Vanessa is suing for damages caused by “pre-impact” terror (the emotional trauma Kobe and Gigi suffered prior to the helicopter crashing). Punitive damages for the reckless behavior, the loss of love, support, care, moral support and companionship. Also, last but definitely not least… for the cost of the funeral, counseling and future support the family will need as a result of the crash.

Vanessa, our prayers and condolences are constantly with you.

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