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Wack 100 Had to Answer To Nipsey Hussle’s Security Guard For Talking Bad About Nip

Updated 12/17/19 @ 10:12am – Wack 100 is now offering $100,000 for anybody who has the video footage of JRoc knocking him out or even touching the concrete (and his rapper Blueface said he has $100,000 for em too). He is saying that it didn’t happen, and people must really just hate him that much!

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It has been reported that J Roc (one of Nipsey Hussle’s body guards) attacked Wack 100 (The Game & Blueface’s manager) for some stuff he said about Nipsey Hussle and his alleged killer.

A few months ago, some audio clips surfaced online of Wack 100 saying how Eric Holder (Nipsey’s alleged killer) was basically justified for killing Nipsey due to the street code/code of ethics. He said Holder’s actions aligned with the code of the streets. Then, a little after that… Wack 100 went on Adam22’s “No Jumper” podcast and talked about how Nipsey was not a legend when he died.

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Back to the attack… the altercation between the two allegedly happened backstage during the final night of Rolling Loud LA. Check out the clip below for the aftermath…

We don’t have footage of the actual attack… but there are a lot of people commenting and tweeting on Twitter about how J Roc whooped that ass! Now I’m not saying I want to see anybody get beat up, and everybody also has the freedom to say how they feel, but that doesn’t mean people won’t have a reaction for you.

Wack 100 said that he didn’t get his ass whooped (yea, ookay).

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