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Waist Cincher – Bargain Shopping!!!!

Ok, I have got to admit, I am not much into fads and urban myths….So I thought the whole waist cincher thing would never be an option. I figured I would stick to good old fashioned working out, eating right, and water consumption. But then I was asked by a friend, ” G, have you used a waist cincher? I hear they work” The little light bulb went off in my head! Maybe I would give this cincher thing a shot….. and so Saturday it happened. I went on a hunt. What innocently started off as Instagram curiosity turned into a full on in store bargain hunt.


So back to Instagram. IG is a great tool to shop but I believe that when looking for any sports apparel that you must be sure that it fits. So I hit up @littletinywaist and @waistgangsociety and if spending $65 starting is your thing, they have exactly what you need. Now I’m in no way biased to IG boutiques but I went in a skeptic. All kinds of things ran thru my head, “what if these girls had surgery..” “what if it doesnt work” “what if the thing doesnt fit” . But I gave it a shot anyway.


My IG journey was enlightening because I learned of teas, wraps, creams, oils and more that assist in the fat burning process. But for cost and being skeptical that wasnt the route I was trying to go. Im sure many of my fashionistas on a budget can relate! $65 could be spent on the kids, or your cell phone, or some staple pieces for your fall wardrobe….. but a waist cincher?! Oh hell no, and look hunnie I understand. Being fly on a budget is my M.O. (means of Operation) !!!!


So this ladies is where it got fun at! I decided that IG wasnt the route I wanted to go so I went to Macy’s, Marshalls, Walmart, Target and lastly Burlington Coat Factory. Now don’t get me wrong all listed prior to Burlington had really affordable waist cinching contraptions but nothing merely close to the classic girdle style cincher. All had training contraptions in their ‘ Intimate Apparel’ sections for under $15 but Burlington Coat Factory had the classic waist cincher for $4.99 – $9.99. See what I did there? I got in my car and drove to each store with my phone in hand and price compared until I found what I set out for. An affordable waist cincher! Now dont say I have never helped lol Happy Bargaining and Happy Cinching

So Frugal,


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One thought on “Waist Cincher – Bargain Shopping!!!!

  1. Great blog… I have been looking for a good trainer as well… Seems the more expensive ones work better??!! Thanks for sharing.

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