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Wait what! Queen Key plus three…Congratulations

Congratulations Queen Key who recently announced she was pregnant! The blessing didn’t stop there though get this she’s pregnant with 3 babies!

So boom! According to Key when she went to her doctors appointment she was pregnant with three babies. From the video she posted on Instagram two of the babies (A & B) are twins and share their placenta. Baby number three or C has his/her own placenta. According to experts this is very rare.

Congratulations again Kay! She expressed to fans that although it was unexpected that she was being blessed with not one but three children she was happy! Check out what she had to say below!

Queen Key announcing her pregnancy

Although being a mother is a wonderful experience it’s definitely has its challenges but there all worth it! From one mother to another congratulations! Be the best you and love you’re children, everything else will fall in place. I can’t wait to see her idea for her maternity pictures but you know I’ll keep everyone updated!

Queen Key is known for her boss bitch attitude who takes no shit! I’m sure we’ll get more great music once she has her beautiful babies! Until then write a lot and watch her documentary on her pregnancy so you don’t miss a beat! Episode links are in her instagram bio.

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