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Warning Parents: Sex Predators Using New APP “FaceCast” To Interact W/ Kids

The times are definitely changing, its so hard to just let your kids be “kids” in this day & age. We always have to be worried about somebody trying to get them when we let them do normal kids stuff, like playing outside, walking home from school or the bus stop, going to check out another department while you’re in the store shopping, and now even on their phones!! That’s right, we have to monitor what our kids are doing on their phones very closely.

A private message to an 8 year old in the Facecast APP.

One of my Face Book friends made a post warning people about a new APP kids have been using to make videos called “Facecast.” She told the people on her page how a detective showed up to her house because her daughter had been making videos on the APP and there was a sexual predator who asked her to lift up her skirt!! Now I want to remind you guys her daughter is only 8 years old! She told me that her daughter had hundreds of videos and she had between 300-500 views on her videos. These are normal kid videos, you know… singing, dancing & acting silly! People immediately started bashing her saying she didn’t watch her kids, instead of taking heed and checking on their own situations.

Now what really tripped me out about this whole ordeal was the fact that the detective who came out found her house by using the IP address of her daughter’s phone. The detective expressed how he was able to pinpoint her house because when her daughter makes the videos before school, she always does it in front of their house while waiting on the bus, and you could see the fire hydrant in her front yard. Now, just so we’re clear… the potential sexual predators can also get the IP addresses and do exactly what the detective did and find your child!

So parents, please check your kid’s phones and see if this APP is installed… if so, you may want to think about deleting it. The videos are live streams, so other people can only see it while they are going live. Parents, we have to protect our kids.  

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