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Was Brian McKnight’s Son abandoned?

Is Brian Jr. abandoned or spoiled? What are your thoughts?

Brian Jr. rips into his father and fans. In a post, Brian McKnight, Jr. appears to be upset with fans for taking sides in a family matter.

“When it comes to my father. The proof is in the pudding,” McKnight Jr. wrote. “If there are still people out there wasting their breath putting us down for speaking our truth, challenge them to question how they think they know our father better than us? Lol you know his body of work; we came from his actual nuts.”-

This isn’t the first time McKnight Jr. has attacked his father. In August 2019, the son claimed his dad “abandoned” him and his siblings. This forced the singer to respond to the accusations, calling them “nonsense.”

”I guess one of my only faults is that I gave my children everything I didn’t have in hopes that they would appreciate it because I know how much I would’ve appreciated it when I was their age,” McKnight said in an Instagram video at the time. He went on to claim that he and his current wife, Leilani, tried to get the children a job at a local hospital but they declined because they didn’t want to stop smoking marijuana.

“I’m not abandoning them. We are estranged,” he added.

It seems like a bridge has not been built between McKnight and his children as his son claims that they are far from a happy family.

“Back in the day I’d say, come for my family, I’ll end you. These days, I pay no attention to the negativity, and ignorance from people who are merely fans, using their own, narrowed view of life as a foundation for their ill drawn conclusions,” McKnight Jr. said. “All love, in hopes that’s healing comes on all sides.”

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