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Was I Wrong For Hitting Her

My wife & I been together for 18 years. I love her with everything in me but lately we have been at odds. It’s partly my fault but it’s not at the same time. This is pretty personal so please keep my name out of it.

I have always been the bread winner in the relationship & handled everything. Lately, I have not been able to please my wife sexually because I have been battling with impotence. I’m only 46 years old so you can imagine the embarrassment. I feel bad that I can’t please her, but I been to the doctor, changed my diet & done everything I can. I try to please her orally as much as I can  & we also bought some toys but she still ain’t happy. 

Long story short one night we were having dinner w friends and got into a heated argument. She said some unforgivable shit in front of everybody talking about how my dick can’t get hard & I need to man up. I can’t remember the exact words but I smacked the fuck out of her & she fell and hit her head on the counter. She was knocked unconscious & had to get stitches. I have never hit my wife until this situation & im sorry I don’t feel bad. She’s waiting for an apology but I don’t have one for her. 

Was I wrong? 

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