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We can’t get enough of Cardi B and hubby OffSet! Fashion Week In Paris…

We can’t get enough of Cardi B and her Hubby Offset! We recently reported Offset will be releasing his new Men’s Clothing line during Fashion Week In Paris! This is big for him! Life has been blessing these two and they deserve it!

Cardi b & OffSet

Fashion Week In Paris is one of the biggest events in fashion! Multiple brand name lines presents their new line for the tear! Celebrities come dress to impress! And of course Cardi ALWAYS stand out in bold outfits. She kinda reminds me of a hip hop Lady Gaga! The crazy but exquisite pieces she wears makes her stand out in any room!

Congratulations again to Offset and his new line! We are excited to see what he has in store!

While in Paris the beautiful couple visits the well know artist Richard Orlinski. He literally creates live animal like figures.

Enjoy your trip and of course we’ll have the first look of Offsets Clothing Line when it’s released… Congratulations

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