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Wedding Bells On The Horizon For Jim Jones & Chrissy?!?!

Now we all love Jim Jones & Chrissy Lampkin (better known as Chrissy), and it looks like wedding bells are FINALLY on the horizon for the celebrity couple (Love & Hip Hop stars) after seven long years of being engaged.

Although they have been engaged for seven years, the couple started dating back in 2004, and it was always rumored that Chrissy is the reason Jim Jones & Killa Cam fell out back in the day. To refresh you guys memory, Cam made t-shirts that said “Tricky Ricky AKA Jim Jones is a trick”, mad ay Jim for spending too much money on Chrissy while they had friends who were locked up. 

Chrissy posted on social media “Baby I’m ready” and Jim Jones replied “I’m ready too so let’s make it official then.”

Now according to social media, Chrissy and Jim are set to wed this fall, and the couple is working out a deal with VH1 so they can get a wedding special out of it. Congratulations to you guys & I can’t wait to tune in to the wedding!

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One thought on “Wedding Bells On The Horizon For Jim Jones & Chrissy?!?!

  1. I’m happy for the couple may God continue to bless them in there marriage 💑 😇❤🙏🙏

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