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Wendy Williams Becomes A Step Mom to Husband & Mistress New Baby!

Reports have been all over the blogs and radio stations about Wendy Williams, her husband (Kevin Hunter) and his mistress (Sharina Hudson). Reportedly, Kevin has been having a long standing affair with Ms. Sharina & when that info got out to the press, Wendy Williams went back to rehab.


Wendy obviously has know about the affair for some time now, and when asked why he won’t just leave Wendy, Kevin has said because Wendy is the one financially supporting their relationship.   But guess who introduced him to his mistress??  LOL none other than Charlamagne of The Breakfast club.  Take a look at this clip below.

To add insult to injury, it has also just been reported that Kevin and Sharina have just given birth to a baby girl. According to the reports, she had the baby on March 22nd, they paid cash for the hospital visit, and Kevin checked in under a fake name. Hmmmm maybe to keep the press out their business?!

Well good luck with that Wendy, the queen of gossip herself. No matter how I feel about Wendy, I hate that she is going through that. Prayers to you girl!

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