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What Type of “KITTY” Are You Working With?

Isn’t it funny how every woman thinks she has has the best pussy ever. Everybody claims they get the wettest, and their pussy is the tightest… or they got a phat pussy. LOL, I know we have all heard it all before! Well here is a little breakdown of the 9 Pussy types. A friend of mine posted this article & I thought it was very educational, true & funny at the same time! Thanks Jasmine Brown… #MUAH!

oral sex 1

1 Shortchanged pussy ;

When the woman is extremely sexy and beautiful. She moves the right way, smells good and ooooozes sensuality.
However, when it comes to sex, she has no clue! She’s like a bump on a log.
The very thought of stroking this pussy can make you cum before it’s time.
She talks a good game but CANNOT walk the talk. When she tries to guide your penis into her pussy, she cuts it with her nails.
By the time you get another boner, her pussy is dry and feels like sandpaper.
By the time you get in, you find out that your penis is too big for her short pussy.
When you go to lick the pussy you find out that it is a little tart and now you start thinking to yourself, “how can such a fine woman be so feeble?
Undaunted, you decide that you’re going to make the best of a bad situation and get your rocks off when she says “don’t cum in me because I’m not taking anything.”
What a waste.

2 Sweet lips pussy ;

This is substitute pussy. She sucks major penis like a pro.
She sucks it so good that your knees buckle to the point where you wanna pass out.
It was good enough to make you look for something to hold onto. She can suck the chrome off of a car’s bumper.
Then she slips your penis into her pussy and you realize that her mouth was much better.
You try to maneuver your penis back to her mouth any way you possibly can.
But no cigar. So, you just go in the corner of the bedroom…and cry.

3 Yes ma’am pussy ;

This is the kind of pussy your mother warned you about! This pussy is often misjudged because of the owners meek mannerisms.
She is quiet, reserved, caters to your every whim and shows no inkling of the treasure that lies between her thighs.
She seems to be a scholarly type but not quite prudish. You think to yourself “I’m gonna tear this pussy up.”
Only to find that she was only playing possum. You were so caught off guard that your whole fucking plan needed instant revision.
She was your equal, having as much game as you. You must give her props, realizing that you came within a bat’s eyelash of having your brains fucked out.
Gentlemen, be wary of this pussy and be prepared.
Your best defense is a good offense and a long stiff thick penis with staying power.

4 Thunder thighs pussy (Pussy you’re getting from someone who is NOT your woman) ;

Men who have cheated on their woman temporarily can say, “AMEN” to this class of pussy.
Men, this is the class of pussy that makes you cry and confess to your woman, you fucked someone else.
The Thunder Thighs pussy made you want to tell somebody. Thunder Thighs pussy is in a class of its own.
Thunder Thighs pussy will make you look and feel different about the pussy you got at home.
Thunder Thighs pussy makes you bust several nuts (i.e.,multiple orgasms). Makes you cry and you have no clue as to why.
This pussy is so intense, when it is wrapped around your penis or your face it sends you into a trance.
She has a smooth, undulating motion, constantly asks you if your comfortable.
You started at 6PM and it is now going on 9PM and she is not tired and her pussy ain’t sloppy yet.
She sucks on your penis and savors it like you’re the main course meal.
She sensuously flicks the head of your penis with her tongue like a lollipop.
By now you’re in shock and forget about your woman.
When you’re back with your woman, you’re wondering why she can’t perform like Thunder Thighs pussy.
You even have the nerve to get mad and then instruct her to do what Thunder Thighs did to you.
Thunder Thighs pussy will have you searching for her in the daytime with a flashlight.

5 The stalker pussy ;

This is the pussy that pisses you off the most.
You see, the woman you boned for a fling or as a favor keeps coming back like a bad cold. Pops up when you least expect it.
If she has a bad day at work, she “stalks your penis.”
If she, has a bad meal, “she stalks your penis.” If she has a bad hair day, she “stalks your penis.”
If she sees an ex, she “stalks your penis.” No matter what, she “stalks your penis.”
It is easy to tell if the woman you’re with falls into this category.
She always uses phrases like these when she is fucking you:

  • “DON’T RUN FROM THIS pussy.” 
  • “DIS SUM GOOD pussy right?” 
  • “TELL ME YOU LIKE THIS pussy.” 
  • and finally, “I KNOW YOU LIKE IT WHEN YOU IN THIS pussy!”

6 Tuna pussy ;

This is the pussy that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. You can recognize it easily because she may have cats and flys swarming around her, or everybody at the local pub knows her name.
When you walk into a room, you know she is there or was there. This is a very, VERYdangerous pussy.
The problem is that the babe is fine and you ain’t had no pussy in a long while.
The dog in you wants some pussy. You know that this pussy is experienced and could put a hurt on you in more ways than one.
This is the pussy you don’t want anyone to know you sampled. You DO NOT EAT this pussy.
After you sample this pussy, you immediately take a shower or at the very least scrub your penis in the sink with some disinfectant.

7 Watering hole pussy ;

This is good convenient pussy. The Understanding pussy. The “no lets Just do it” pussy. The Easy pussy.
The pussy you can call when your body needs a fix. She gives you major head likeSWEET LIPS pussy, and fucks you like THUNDER THIGHS pussy.
Only thing is, you do not have a woman so you’re not feeling guilty. Whenever you call, this pussy is ready.
Her pussy craves your penis. This pussy is available in any place at anytime.
21 Gun salute.

8 GODDAMN pussy ;

Men, now this is pussy that will definitely send you to hell if you’re not married to it.
This pussy is just like YES MA’AM and THUNDER THIGHS pussy.
Her pussy is snug, not too tight, and juicy.
She can accommodate larger than average size penis.
She has good control of her pussy muscles which can make any size penis feel like at home.
This pussy makes you numb, cry and pray all at the same time.
While you are giving it to her doggy style or with you laying down and she sits on top of you, you look towards the heavens and say, “COTDAMN THIS IS SOME GOOD pussy!!!

9 Amazon pussy ;

Gentlemen, this is the gold mine pussy. This pussy is the pussy that you commit yourself too.
You do not cheat on it and you keep it a well kept secret. In fact, you constantly crave and feign for this pussy.
When you get this pussy, you go through convulsions. This is the pussy that makes you READY even when you ain’t.
You call in sick from work for it.
This pussy is so major, it is YES M’AM pussy, WATERING HOLE pussy, THUNDER THIGHS pussy and GODDAMN pussy all in one!
This is the pussy that you want to put insurance on, just in case anything should happen to it.
This pussy makes you stutter while speaking and has you nervous for no reason.

oral sex


Now ladies… What type of pussy are you working with?  Comment below….  & fellas… what type of pussy is your person of interest working with???


https://vingtciinq.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/9-types-of-pussy/ (original website I found post).

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