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What Went Wrong with Kobe’s Private Helicopter?

We live in a time where everyone has some sort of recording device and is active on one or more social media outlets. It’s quite impossible to live a private life in public because someone is always recording or updating their social audience.

Apparently, Kobe Bryant flew in his helicopter a lot due skipping traffic. The helicopter is known for being one of the safest models to be made. It wasn’t in Bryant’s name, it was through a company and could’ve possibly been leased by the retired NBA star.

There’s no surprise that someone caught the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and all the other victims who tragically lost their lives Sunday, in a helicopter crash.

The helicopter was “properly grounded” and were allegedly told that it may not be safe for flight because of possible low visibility. They have not been able to recover all the bodies or identify all the victims. Kobe and Gianna Bryant, have however been identified. Allegedly there was a train involved and could take a few more days for all the bodies to be recovered, then identified.

A heartbroken father updated his Facebook of the tragic loss of his wife and kid’s mother who was also involved in the accident. Her body has not yet been recovered, but his post asking for privacy during this time gave the news indication that she too was on board. She was a basketball coach for a private school in Los Angeles.

Reports say the helicopter didn’t go down due to mechanical issues and that the weather may have played a key part.

Friends, family, fans, parents and others who learn about this loss are mourning. It’s a horrible way to go for anyone; unfortunately, due to Bryant’s celerity status, this is world news and the footage of the helicopter was caught is by an overseer.

This video is very, very hard to watch. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

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