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What’s Your Honest Opinion of Kim Kardashian?!?!?!

So we have all heard about Mimi and Nikko’s sex tape today!!! …  They are claiming that she is trying to pull the same stunt that Kim Kardashian pulled on her sex tape with Ray J.  A lot of people feel like Kim Kardashian’s whole career exploded with this sex tape and it made her into the mega superstar that she is today.  Do you guys agree???

This is an old video from TMZ but reportedly, Kim Kardashian paid mega millions to have her sex tape removed from all sources on the web.  I searched for a couple hours and I could not find the full version of the tape ANYWHERE!!!  Obviously, Kim regrets making the sex tape.

But I honestly would like to know how you guys feel about Kim Kardashian (and Mimi too)???  They got paid for making a sex tape with their boyfriend…  Is that so wrong, especially when people do it for free everyday???  I think the act of making a sex tape is not wrong, but putting it out there for the world to see is a little crazy.  Especially when you have kids (and you’re in the spotlight)…  I am not sure if Mimi will have that kind of money to get her video banned or not, but I’m sure this video will boost the ratings for the next season of Love & Hip Hop.

Also, do you guys think that Kim Kardashian is a “hoe”???  She has been in the spotlight with a few different men, made a sex tape., been married, divorced, had a baby & now is engaged to get married again…  Is she a hoe???  Or does she just know when to move on from a situation???


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