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When Do You Tie The Knot?

Glamcandiees topic this week (8/16):

In a relationship, when is it a good time to get married?

Now Scizas is wrong:)

Scizas Answer: “Never! I’m very against marriage. Its a followers thing. People getting married because it’s what everyone is doing.”

Doesn’t want to get married but to have a wedding. -__-

Darayels Answer: When I feel like all I want is her and I would not cheat on her, I’m going to make this oath under God. I’m ready to commit myself and show the world that the woman that I would give myself to that I love her and I’m hers.

There is no time frame in my opinion. The moment when you realize that person isn’t going anywhere and you don’t want them too. You and your partner has gone through the ups and downs of life and y’all have not let it break the relationship apart.

When is it a good time for y’all to tie the knot in a relationship? Comment!!!

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