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When Pillow Talking To Your Girl Goes Wrong

Me & my people been together for damn near 10 years.  She is really my best friend 4real.  We tell each other just about everything.  Well we DID tell each other everything.

I have a partner who I been rockin with since we was in diapers.  His family is my family and my family is like his family.  He recently got caught up in some drama with the law and this random bitch he was fuckin with.  I guess he was stashing some shit over her house and some niggaz tried to rob him.  In the midst of the robbery, the police were called by the neighbors and they blew down before the people robbing her got away.  Come to find out, the girl he was fuckin with was setting herself up to get the drugs to her main nigga.  Since my dude wasn’t there when all the drama happened, his name was never mentioned in their case.

So I tell my girl about the situation because that’s what we do.  We tell each other what happened throughout the course of our day.  Anyways, I tell my girl about the situation, and I didn’t think it would go any further.  Next thing you know, my dude’s main chick found out about the whole situation and my dude has also been indicted.  I am not sure about the route all the information got out there, but bottom line is that it came from my girl.

I love her to death, but now I really just feel like I can’t tell her anything plus my dude is pissed at me for “pillow talking” to my bitch.  Damn what do I do?  If my dude didn’t catch a case behind this bullshit, I wouldn’t be as mad, but I’m pissed!

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One thought on “When Pillow Talking To Your Girl Goes Wrong

  1. He should’ve shut the hell up. I know that you should be able to confide in your significant other but in matters of activity you have to be careful of all activity. It’s messed up but you have to know when to draw the lines. Why you think the Mafia didn’t tell their wives certain things? It’s for everyone’s protection and now this dude got himself in a situation where retaliation can come to his girlfriend or himself. See, a lot of people just don’t know this rule and it’s hard because you want to confide in someone and release your thoughts but you better learn how to talk to yourself or Jesus. I’m just saying. Now look, he all caught up.

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