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UPDATE: When will your 2nd stimulus arrive?

Look for your second stimulus prior to Election Day. Americans have been waiting all summer for additional help. It sounds like it may be on the way.

It seemed there was little to no chance Americans would see a second payment from the government before Election Day. But after President Donald Trump suggested Wednesday that Republicans “go for the much higher numbers” on a coronavirus aid proposal, the door is now open on the possibility of a package being approved before November 3.

Trump got the ball rolling with a Wednesday morning tweet urging his fellow Republicans to support a larger COVID relief bill that would include his priority of $1,200 stimulus checks for most Americans.

The bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus unveiled a $1.5 trillion bill that would provide, among other things, direct stimulus checks to Americans.

During Wednesday’s news conference about the $500 billion proposed for state aid as part of the “March to Common Ground” stimulus framework, Trump said he supported “something like that.” “I like the larger amount,” Trump added. “Some of the Republicans disagree but I think I can convince them to go along with that, I like the larger number. I want to see people get money, it wasn’t their fault that this happened.”

Trump has previously supported a second round of $1,200 stimulus checks for most Americans. The bill’s $316 billion budget for direct assistance.“We are encouraged that after months of the Senate Republicans insisting on shortchanging the massive needs of the American people, President Trump is now calling on Republicans to ‘go for the much higher numbers’ in the next coronavirus relief package,” Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

We look forward to hearing that Republicans “will finally meet us halfway with a bill that is equal to the massive health and economic crises gripping our nation.” Senate Majority Whip John Thune said the president’s message makes it appear Trump wants to make a deal.

Is anything ever certain in politics? Will a deal be made or will Americans have more of the same…….waiting process………and financial struggle during this pandemic? What do you think?

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132 thoughts on “UPDATE: When will your 2nd stimulus arrive?

  1. I feel as though we are told to stay home that are government should do the monthly payment for a few. After all our bills are not just for month we received our checks ..But what about the months this started and bills and food that would of been bought we was not able to buy.. So please think about those little people that voted you into office thinking you as our house ,our Congress,our state reps would see just how hard it’s hi. 1200,00 is good but the bills still add up and needs paid from the beginning You our government and Presendent said say home .. This taken much of our ways of life ..

  2. I still have not received any help at all 😔 and I been trying and I been struggling I am a mother of 3 young boys and I am 7 months pregnant trying to recover from the Covid 19 and I have not get any help my taxes or stymulus at all.

    1. You asking for help now? You should have been asking for help keeping your legs closed! Now,you bringing baby number four into the world when you can’t take care of the ones you already have. Somehow, it’s everyone else’s responsibility to feed,house,and provide free healthcare and free education for you and as many kids as you can push out. And you come on here complaining about the $1200 that you think you are owed? SMH,we are so screwed..

      1. How Dare you chastise this Woman. Maybe you should keep your pecker in YOUR pants!!!

        1. How did your remark help the woman who was looking for help with her expenses for her family ? Not anyone benefits from remarks of that sort. Be kind to one another ~

      2. Who are theses sexist idiots?!. Bet you make your moms proud!!!! I have yet to receive a check. Zero help. Zero unemployment- paying into it since started working at age 13 now 47. Never in my life thought I would apply for unemployment but I did and received 0!
        This is messed up. I am not Red or Blue. I am for what is right and what’s wrong. Our president doesn’t care about American citizens. He is narcissistic. He and his supporters should feel ashamed. USA has been hit the hardest. And if our president didn’t have such a vendetta against Obama we would have had a pandemic team in place and would not have been hit the hardest.

        1. First of all stop blaming our President not everything that’s gone wrong is his fault second if your not getting any help then your not filling things out the right way which that would make it your fault. You have to first file at Edd file for the PUA for help if you don’t then you won’t get any help.

          1. I did this and was denied unemployment due to someone in another state using my ssn to claim earned wages. And they won’t even help me look into it I have to do it all myself. I filed for identity theft and haven’t heard a single word back from them. So hard to get ahold of someone to help me through this

      3. You are a disgusting rude individual! Her legs, her life choices, or the number of children she has shouldn’t matter to you. You have definitely shown your level of maturity and breeding which clearly equates to absolutely nonexistent!!!

  3. I haven’t received my stimulus payment. I do get social security disability and the direct Express card. I do go to the portal it says not available at this time

    1. It is published on the SSA.gov website for people that get SSI. You will get it direct deposited on the 13th of May. Or you will get a paper check mailed to to this week. FINALLY!! ANSWERS & Relief! Stay strong and safe everyone!

    2. I went through the same thing—- didn’t know you have to put the dashes in your social security #. As soon as I did it told me when it was coming. Try that.

  4. Why have we not received our first stimulus check and now, another one is going to be sent out. Our son is layed off and has not received his first stimulus check either. Will we still get our checks?

    1. I think that is the first check or deposit that went out may 13. I’m trying to figure out if there will be a 2nd one for sure or just rummers.

  5. Everytime I used the IRS.GOV

  6. If I put my wife’s zip code or mine doesn’t accept it .We are both US citizens.
    Filed taxes together since 2009.

    1. How could you pay your bills before the COVID 19 ? I am on SSI and my bills are paid every month. Plus you should be getting around 189.00 in food stamp. You will get your check just be patient. Spend your money wisely don’t hand it to someone for drugs or alcohol. You don’t need that stuff in your life turn your life over to GOD

      1. I receive SSD so does my husband, you say we should get 189.00 in food stamps. I’m sorry to say before April when we received a major surprise in our food stamps we received 355.00. Normally we are lucky to get 75.00 in food stamps. Different states have different amounts they give people it all depends on cost of living. Also yes some people are having difficult times even on Social Security. Some on disability have children possibly with an absent parent that pays child support, and due to the huge unemployment at present those disabled parents who counts on those child support payments are without. Not everyone is the same we all are struggling one way or another. I am a mother of 3 daughters with a total of 10 grandkids. My daughters and son inlaws lost their jobs still waiting on their checks and unemployment. My husband and I with what little we have/get we are helping them. So you see even though we get our disability checks and have received our stimulus checks we are struggling. Yes our bills are paid but we are helping to feed a total of 18 people. Grandkis range from 2 to 14. Well take care, be safe, try to stay healthy and remember please everyone is going through a very difficult time. If you are not congratulations.

        1. Im 52 and disabled. I can’t pay my bills cause my my good government screwed me bigtime when they set my disability up!! I paied in for 30 yrs and by the time they quit cutting my check and charges me $400.oo a month for medicare i make $800.oo a month!! And if it wasnt for my fanily i couldn’t even pay my light bill!! And if anything unexpected comes up i cant buy groceries!! Whats wrong with this picture? We wouldn’t have ss if it wasn’t for me and everbody like me who ss screwed out of there money!! Somebody needs to do something about this, NOW!!

        2. NO! You have 1 mouth to feed, 1 set up for bills. What this sounds like there’s an open leg issue to me! Sorry but ya gotta call it like it is!!

      2. Where was your so called god when my 18 month old grandson died. In the hands of a drug addict. Where was your god when all these people started dying from this virus and our children from starvation.. I don’t think you should count on know or nothing except yourself

        1. My God was beside me when my granddaughter passed away. The same place he has always been. Where was he when he gave his ownly son to die on the cross for you and your sins, I’ll tell you where he was , he was trying to love and care for idiots like you. You my friend need someone to pray really hard for you and with you because one day you will see that you as well will bow and bend your knees to ask for forgiveness. I will pray for you as I am sure that many others that are reading this will.

  7. I kno I have worked hard since age 9- farmer, carpenter & coal mines…I am now on disability and am struggling…Single- I need Any & ALL the help I can get! Hope a 2nd stimulus payment doesn’t take up to 6 months to get. I have shut off notices which are suppose to happen abt the 20th of this month. Please help n yes I pay my bills…but you use pip n they send $2-3,000 bills n WILL TURN YOU OFF!

  8. I think that they should have a second checks to help people with them , losing there jobs or half the paid they are getting. They need the money because of high cost of living. I think they can spare the money from the gov. Those of the older people they should get one too.cost of living is going up every day and it’s hard times now.

  9. Taxpayers it states! What’s with these lazy bums who live off our hard earned taxes?? Too damn lazy to work these ones who have never held a job never paid taxes never filled out a tax return! I know lazy bums like this makes me angry!! They run around getting help to get this stimulus check 30-40 years old everything paid to them by us!! Nothing wrong with them just damn too lazy to work! Now I see they got it they have no bills to pay buying crap eating out new clothes booze drugs bullcrap!! We got ours pay bills do what we can but these lazy bums can you all relate to this?? Anyone who has never worked just lazy on welfare nothing wrong with them just LAZY!! Makes my blood boil worked all my life! Angry!!

    1. Number 10. I have put in all my credits for work. And I am on SSD and SSI. Now you can call me anything you want but don’t call me lazy. I will tell you why I am on disability.—-I only have 20% capacity of my lungs. I have Central and Cervical Spinal Stenosis. I have End Stage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonology Disease. My lung capacity was diagnosed over 12 years ago so I am pretty sure I can say it is even less than that by now. Maybe even 12%now.

  10. I agree with Sherry. My boyfriend just got all his taxes taken for child support as well as the 1,200 stimulus check. He is pretty down and out right now. That stimulus check was supposed to help people live. Give people a break. Have a heart a lot of people that pay child support are really good people. How do you except people to survive when child support can take 65% of your check every week. SMH 😒 unfair. Child support is a good thing but putting people in jail or making it so they can not drive is beyond me… Pay support have a warrant go to jail loose job. Take drivers license away now what.??? STOP SCREWING OVER PEOPLE THAT ARE. ACTUALLY TRYING!!!!!

    1. YOU DAMNED RIGHT/You all complaing They took my check,that wasnt yours to begin with.You wanna screw around and put all these kids on earth ,get off your F__King lazy ass,go support your kids,stop depending on us tax payers,that work long and hard,Crying and wanting free money,MAKES ME SICK

      1. Ur so wrong it was a way for state to get there money not children because I had to work for the welfare check I got to help me when I was down n they money they took for the child support owed to me was $900 and out of that the state took $800 and am only to get $100 when like I said I didn’t set on my ass to receive the help I work community service hours for it n still got nothing close to the money they took from him

    2. Same happened to me this check is suppose to help people out not give it to child support , that money would had help me pay for rent now what , this system in America is so messed up

      1. Child support is owed to the children you created. Apparently there was money owed long before now, so the stimulus is snatched for the back support. It’s only fair. Tax payers are not responsible to support your children!

        1. I’m reading about how ppl are on here calling ppl liars basically,behind the child support. Saying they don’t take 65% or that the ppl paying child support have no right to complain? I was blessed with the company I work with to get the Paycheck Protection loan (PPL). My check from them, 1100$. After child support was taken, I received 356$… next check, 2200$, I received 900$.. my Stimulus check, 2200$ (myself 1200,my child that lives with me,500$ and my child that’s on support,500$).. ok, my child support started December of 2019. I started out owing 5000$ for arrears and 600$ month… thankfully it’s paid off now because of all the extra money. But my problem is, WHY DID THEY TAKE THE 500 FROM MY SON WHO LIVES WITH ME? THATS the bs.

        2. I worked Thirty years , no thirty two years and completed my blocks for retirement. I also finished paying my child support. If you brought them in this world than just like anyone who has paid their child support, you to must. Think about it. You had sex and a baby. Support it.

      2. The people crying about their child support being paid for with the stimulus check make me laugh. You owe you pay. Saying it was suppose to go to help pay your bills is right.child support is one of your bills and I don’t believe for one second child support takes 65 % of your income. So KiSs your stimulus check goodbye and be glad you aren’t in jail.

        1. They can, will, and do! Even if you lose your job it continues to pile up. Minimum wage job, rent and Bills 65% of gross income and even for 1 kid and they will take license and put you in jail which cost you more in fines and having to go to court to show cause as to why you cant pay and yeah kids are expensive but come on why is it all financially on one parent and most states also require whoever pays support to also pay for insurance for the child as well. So yes that is very true they can and will take everything they can and leave you with nothing

          1. My kids are in late 20i pay on back support every month.my ex didn’t even have the child she was with me.waitting on a court date just recently they order that he can only take 3% put they took all of my stimulis check and he gets paid every month

    3. Exactly!!! Wheres the help for those of us who pay child support??? I used to bring home 64 dollars a week from my job before I lost it,the bills are still coming,wheres our help??!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  11. We definitely need a second stimulus check to help our fellow Americans and myself this crisis definitely put me in a financial hole

    1. I’m on ssa and I have not got. The first check I’m struggling like hell to make it I’m taking care of 5 grand kid on My on I’m a single mother what it takes to get a check y’all giving check to people’s that don’t really need them now check that out

  12. I am on social security and have not received a stimulus check as of May 6,2020. Reading information I do not have to file a tax return if I have my check sent direct deposit of which I do. When can I expect my check? Please reply.

    1. I have not received my Stimulus check. Why not. My bank acct# is correct.

  13. You guys are idiots. Be thankful you are getting the help instead of criticizing. You try sending money to millions of people and let’s see how you do. Not only that, there are a lot of dead beats out there so many pay the price for the ones that are not supporting their children . Grow up.


  14. I was sent a text that my chk had been .Ailes out may 1st still haven’t got it but my husband got his I tried to file paperwork so ld get money for my 2 kids but keeps rejecting it keeps sayin am in another country n I live in Oklahoma how can I correct it ok talk to a human

  15. I agree about the child support and stimulus checks. Leaving one parent with nothing to live on while the other receives double is just plain WRONG.

  16. Yes we should get a second stimulus check because the kids are not in school and we have to feed them and put clothes on they backs and pay Bill’s at the same time and how we going to do that when we are single mothers am a single mother with one and she is my last baby I have to care for and it’s still hard to go on with your life so please yes we need a second stimulus check because we deserve it and my is lashawnda Doss we are poor mr.trump and yes am glad that u are doing this for the world but we need the money please I dont get but 16 dollars foodstamps so the lil foodstamps u gave us that helped a lil bit are we going to get cash to on the foodstamps card too. Please we need it all I no I do every lil thing help so please mr.trump I need all I can get from you guys and thanks for all of this i stay in the anyways so yes am going to stay safe and my daughter is too all I want to no is we getting the second stimulus checks and the 2000 dollar checks and foodstamps and cash on our bridge card and what what did people get send bridge cards for well I dont how to read that good so please explain ok thank u again mr.trump……

  17. What is being done for the seniors. Groceries have sky rocketed. Having to pay for grocery deliveries, pharmacy deliveries. Services seniors now have to pay for.

  18. I filed on the non filers with my children info who are both under 17 before the first deadline of april 22 it was excepted i recieved my 1200 but didnt recieve the 500 per dependent i was counting on that for bills and groceries i dont know what to do now i dont make enough to file taxes

  19. Second… I Haven’t Received The First One Yet & Being On Social Security There’s No Way To Find Out Any Info. Having The IRS Was A Way For Taxpayers To Get Their Money… Why They Didn’t Use A Better Means

    1. Go online to irs.stimulus payment. Fill in the info. It will tell you when your check will be mailed. I am on social security and have direct deposit but they are mailing me a check.

  20. I can’t understand last months whenbi received the check just only me and my kids and the didn’t paid my wife so thats not right and so sad about that and i was to trying to help me about this case and I don’t know talking to who about this situation but thats not right the sent the check short amount.

    1. It could be that your wife and kids will receive a check in her name… backpay child support took mine ( mine being myself,my newborn and my child on support) but they sent my wife and my other child her stimulus check about 3 weeks later

  21. True people didn’t get the 1 St one let alone they are talking about a 2nd one. I’ve been waiting a long timeto get mines. My son is still waiting on his.and he is still waiting on his federal tax.its frustrated to see him worry about his. We can’t get a hold of of anyone to see what’s going on. I get SSDI and I haven’t seen anything yet.

  22. I’m sure I say this for many of us low income families it would be a great blessing for a second check to help us get through this. Groceries and bills cost a pretty penny exspecially when you don’t have a job at all when you rely on temp services and daily labor. Life is hard for those of us that struggle day by day already this just makes it harder. A lot of us could really use the help and would be greatly appreciative for it as well.

  23. I don’t see how the government expected $1200 to go very far when you have bills and rent to pay. Groceries have gone up significantly in some stores. Wal-Mart’s prices have gone up as well. So $1200 is a drop in the bucket. The government was unprepared for something like this! We were already trillions in debt before this. We all need to get on our hands and knees and pray!


    1. If I’m to assume correctly, then you lost your job due to the virus. If that’s the case, you should be getting TRIPLE what your accustomed to thru unemployment. Reason being, unemployment offers their normal pay(50-250$ in Louisiana) PLUS the 600$ for the covid 19 assistance… A WEEK…. ppl that were making 75$ a week and lost their job bc the virus and now being paid MIN 600$ A WEEK. Thru unemployment….. now, if u just didn’t have a job before virus. I’m sorry. Work was BOOMING EVERYWHERE TO NOT BE WORKING WILLINGLY

  25. I haven’t recieved a check. I have no job now. What are we to do about paying bills. And keeping our families safe?

  26. Another stimulus would be great even though I didn’t loose my job my hours were cut and I cannot get unemployment so the stimulus would be great just bought a house and I don’t want to loose it.

  27. May 1st, my children’s father contacted me. He received nothing, that CSEA took his entire stimulus check. He owes an approximate total of I haven’t seen anything yet, nor do I expect to see anything deposited to my CSEA card. I expect CSEA to keep the entire amount.

  28. May 1st, my children’s father contacted me. He received nothing, that CSEA took his entire stimulus check. He owes an approximate total of $18,000.00 in back support. I haven’t seen anything yet, nor do I expect to see anything deposited to my CSEA card. I expect CSEA to keep the entire amount.

    1. Fonda Sparks

      My ex husband has only paid around $1,000 in child support in the past 4 years he owes around $18,000 I have 3 boys the oldest will be 18 at the end of the month. Why don’t I get money for him I did the other 2. Now he’s a Senior I still take care of him. He’s still in school for he’s 12 grade year coming I just don’t understand why he needs the same things that we all do

  29. The person or persons who pay child support should get a stimulus check also they need help like the people that don’t pay child support its not fair they need to go back and give them 1200 also.

  30. Need the 2nd stimulus to pay mortgage, utilities, vehicle payment. If laid off from job there is cobra to pay for health insurance. Shouldnt be crumbling to our knees begging for this. You bail out big corporations and should also be helping the american people. Our 401ks are now drained. What are we to do? We need to survive and need money now!

  31. Well they took my whole check because of child support and i lost my job because of covid-19 so what im suppose do it hard in this world and trying to live but how with no income fuck child support

  32. What if u dont file taxes why cant we get a check I have 2 kids and stay at home with them

  33. I am on disability ssi an i have direct deposit an i still haven’t got nothing.

  34. I live in Cecil county Maryland and my doctors put me out of work for good because of my health problems so I had to file for SSD but That can take sometime before I know yes or no and if no then I have to keep fighting for SSD and my husband is on SSD and that is the only income we have and $1325 is Not enough for us to even pay all are bills and we used are stimulus check to pay are bills but we still owe money on are bills So Yes it would help us more then anything if President Donald Trump would pay the American people one more round of stimulus checks Me and my Husband have always been hard working Americans and have always done right and We never ever thought we would one day need help from the state of Maryland but 3 months ago we had to file for Food assistance and medical assistance for me because I have severe type 2 uncontrolled diabetes and I was never so upset in my life because social services only gave us $154.00 a month for Food assistance for 2 adults that’s $77.00 dollars a month per person that =$38.50 a week to eat on my God that’s not much at all don’t get me wrong I’m thankful for what we get but that’s not alot at all but you have someone that has 2 or more kid’s and don’t work and can go to social Services and they make out better on state assistance so they don’t go out and get a job because if they worked then they would lose the assistance from the state So we need to change this I worked from the age of 12yrs old to my age of 42 now and I paid into all this my hole life but let’s face it if you had a couple kid’s and a drug addiction then social services would help me out way more then a person like me that has no kids and no addiction this is just sad and so unfair there should be programs for people like me as well that had fallen on hard times with a medical condition and can’t work but NOPE!!!UNFORTUNATELY I DON’T qualify FOR CASH ASSISTANCE BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE KID’S THAT’S SO NOT FAIR BECAUSE I STILL HAVE BILL’S TO PAY AND NO INCOME BUT SOCIAL SERVICES WANTS TO TELL ME THAT MY HUSBAND’S$1325 A MONTH SHOULD BE ENOUGH TO LIVE ON REALLY I DON’T THINK SO MY GOD WE PAY $950.00 A MONTH JUST FOR RENT THAT ONLY GIVES US $375.00 LEFT SO NOW I’M supposed to pay a power bill and a water sewer and trash bill and a phone bill with $375.00 and trust me we no longer have cable or internet and we have co.pays for doctors and medication all I’M SAYING IS THIS SYSTEM NEEDS TO CHANGE!!!!

  35. How about those who have recieved their 1st payment cool their jets until ALL eligible Americans get their FIRST payment before expecting a second check. I am a disabled army vet w/a 60% rating. I get alittle less than $900/per mon loaded onto a direct Express debit card (issued by the federal government 2 those who receive benefits but do not have direct deposit) I have not file taxes bc this is my only income. I am unable 2 get any info about my payment. Up until I saw this article, I have been patient n not complained bc the way I c it is I do not work n still so therefore I have not lost any wages due 2 COVID-19. Throughout all this, my $$ comes in like clockwork on the 1st of the mon. The stimulus $$ is free $$ from the federal government n am grateful 2 that I am eligible 4 it. I am willing 2 wait 4 my payment in fact, I wanted all the working folks who have Lost wages, hrs, or jobs due 2 COVID-19 to get there payments,then the senior citizens, then veterans, then the disabled. I had no problem bein in the very last bracket but reading this article burns me up n I had 2 sumthin. 2 all those who r demanding the government send out a 2nd wave of checks while there r millions of fellow Americans who have not gotten a 1st payment, many of whom r veterans I’m willing 2 bet, SHAME on u. U should b grateful u got a GD dime from the federal government. That selfish, me 1st attitude that plagues this country makes me sick. I didn’t serve my country as a us army medic on the front lines of an actual war 2 support the kinda of disgusting entitlement that so many Americans have

  36. I’m on disability SSI I haven’t seen no payment is their even going to be a payment it would be nice to receive mine

  37. I receive ssi and have a payee for me. So would I still get a check. No one is asking how we can get. So can you please explain to us how we can get the check.

  38. I receive ssi and I have a payee. No one is telling us how we can get the check for us. Why don’t people explain to us how and when we will get our. So people need to tell us what happened to our money.I live in Maine

  39. Yes there is a need for a second round. I work at a children’s hospital and they are still considering layoffs and follows. The kids are out of school for the rest of this school year. It all overwhelming. You have to qualify for unemployment. This is all too real

  40. Have not received my Stimulus. I file taxes and live on SS. My SS is mailed to the bank with Direct Deposit. I don’t know what to do. I am 75 years old. I really need to hear from someone. I don’t even know how to send this

  41. Haven’t even received my first.My question is I have ssdi,I also have a past student loan but I don’t think my stimulus can be taken can it.its the US government that has my loan but this loan was from the year 2000 ,can the US Government take this stimulus as well?

  42. Pay your damn child support on time and you wouldn’t have this problem. Bet you weren’t concerned about how your child was surviving when you didn’t pay it on time. The children come first. Period. Grow the hell u and keep it your pants. If you cannot support a child then don’t have one. EASY SOLUTION! Dead beats! Damn…….

    1. Child support is not optional and you will pay eventually! Stop creating children you are unable to support and support those already here. Taxpayers are not responsible for your children!

  43. Yes kinda hard especially when not everyone is back working and to many employees some paid more and the ones that did get sick and recoverd but now can’t breathe right with mask and even being outside hurts breathing making you cough 😷 right away and yes the bills don’t stop coming

  44. I need to see how he pulls us though this crisis. I am Independent , but if he does what he says and helps all of us in the United States, I may have to go Right wing!

  45. Am on Disability,& I haven’t gotten my check yet, nor I can’t get into the non- filter to carry my child. What’s going on ,& they are trying to send out the second set of payments. Where are the checks for the ppl on Disability

  46. All I got to say is thaNkyou for the first stimulus check. I’m very grateful for. I understand if there isn’t another. I just thank God there was a first cause there didn’t have to be one at all. It did show alot of peoples true colors i never realized how many could be so u grateful and greedy.

  47. A monthly stimulus check would help out a lot, especially for people like us. My husband and I & our two boys that are three and two years old. We are living day by day in a motel, my husband doing as many odd jobs as he can. Just to keep his family in a warm bed and not sleeping in our truck. More money would help us get a house long enough so my husband and I can find another job. And help us get back on our feet again.
    Thanks you & God Bless All of You!

  48. I’m on SSDI living on $864.00 per month and recieved a SSA-1099 BUT have no dependants… I have checked everywhere with no luck of getting information I recieve all my monthly disability payments thru direct deposit and have from beginning of 1st check I received I continue every single day an error message on the get my payment website site but I still haven’t received my stimulus check.. Although price gauging5 is illegal the stores have raised there prices significantly and I recieve no other benefits such as food stamps ECT… I truly have never been so afraid of losing my home and am already going without regular food… If anyone knows when stimulus checks are coming for my category please let me know bc all news have lied about when we will receive our benefits…. I hope if there is a 2nd round of checks they handle correctly… Everyone I know on Social Security have recieved their stimulus but me…

    1. My sons father has been paying child support consistently for 6 or 7 yrs. But is lover 4k in arrears. Over HALF of that is owed to the state for Medicaid. Even though I paid for his insurance thru my job for yrs. I don’t see how he owed do much to Medicaid when I was passing for hugs health care. I agree, if a parent is our had been consistency paying for at least a good few yrs, they sound qualify for the stimulus. I was told I probably wouldn’t see any of his check because it’s going to the state to pay for Medicaid he didn’t recieve for yrs. I told him if I got the check, I would split out with him. Butt I probably won’t see any of it either. Which is a Travisty. We need that money more than the state does. They need to re think the child support stipulation of this assistance. They get very light on their checks as it is, they need help and assistance right now just like the rest of us. If not more.

  49. I am on ssi and i have not recieved my check ither,i also have direct deposit and was told i did not have to take any further action filling out any applications when will i.
    recieve my check or will i at all? Worried about my first now your talking about a second! Lets get the first one please!

  50. i am on ssi fild with non filer cause i have my grand babys.it said file joint if married i did. my husband has no income cause he has to have hip surgery.he owes back support. we knew they keep his have for his back support but not mine cause i am on ssi. but i got a letter saying they offset 2400 for his back support. an i dont know anything about the money for my grand babys.

    1. You might be able to appeal for your portion of the stimulus, but I’m thinking it will have to wait because of the madness. Why not try writing a letter to Social Security with your concerns? It can’t hurt.

      1. God did not make the virus and God did not take your grandchild. I have lost 2 grandchildren in a yr and a half. It’s so easy to blame God. I know I was one of them, but he is not to blame. It is the action of others that took him. And it was the actions of others that took mine. Not God

  51. Just wanted to respond to comments made about ppl & paying child support & not receiving stimulus payments as they r being intercepted. My daughter, who receives a mthly SSDI pmt from which 65percent is automatically sent to child support. Prior to becoming disabled, when working she paid the $600./mth as ordered. Her problem, Wass when her ex filed for the support he wanted the max amount alotted for back pay which left her starting out with a $14,000 bill even though she (we) were providing for the children all the time. After support istaken out of her check, she has right @ $300./mth to live off of while he collects money from not only her, but two other women as well. He WILL not work as the children r his meal tickets & with these pants he has received more than $1200 from 4 women & himself & $500 for 5 children while my daughter makes her pmts mthly & received no stimulus money. I believe if ur making consistent mthly pmts this should be considered. There is no way he should be allowed to just sit back & collect so much money when she’s the one who actually needs it along with the other women. And to be clear, taking kids from their mom is his job!

    1. I agree 1000% !!!! My check was taken and given to my money hungry sons mother. I just started paying in December, in court, the judge asked her, how do you support yourself and your 3 kids.(only 1 is mine) her response was, “I don’t work, I receive help from the state” 2nd question- when was your last job. Her answer “your honor, I got pregnant at 17, I haven’t been able to work” (The judge seen that she used kids as a paycheck) …she’s 33 yrs old now…. my stimulus check was taken n given to her, ok (I get I owe back support) , but my payments were up to date and never late. I still have bills and I still have my wife and 3 kids who are mine and live with me. Their money was taken and given to my ex bc she can’t get up and go to work? My wife sure the hell don’t have any excuses and she works. Or did. And my ex, her grandpa is the SUPREME COURT JUSTICE of Wisconsin! My wife, she and I have always had to work for our means. Nothing was given. But for the states to allow the money taken from my family to give to a spoiled, gold digging brat.. my past choices of relations, shouldn’t fall on my children. If that makes sense….so to you and ur daughters situation, I’m sorry, I know exactly how u feel. I hate that this site only allows someone to “vent” instead of fixing the problems

  52. I have not received my Stimulus check & don’t understand. Everything is correct with my bank account#. Please contact me with any problems Thank You

  53. Back child support takes priority. Both parents are financially responsible for their children.

    1. I’m owed back child support and his didn’t get taken. He got all of his. He always gets by with not paying his child support.

      1. What I feel All Americans should do is get together and file a class action suit , for the Government letting this covid-19 get over here and out of control when the were warned ahead of time, and could have done something about it at that time, plus y’all know these people up in the Government, and the senate, the congress are pocketing a lot of that money for themselves because they are really greedy people who really don’t care about us they trying to calculate what is the least they could give to the Americans who are suffering from this, and have lost loved ones to this man made virus, so they can have more for themselves that’s really what’s going on, and they all should be ashamed of themselves but they don’t have a conscience or heart for that matter, they are all for themselves, and I think suing them is the only way you may get what is deserved to us. I am on ssi and I get my check on Direct Express but I still haven’t received anything at all, I got a letter saying that they deposited my money in an account that I don’t know or have so I have to figure out what to do to get that straightened out.

  54. Wow some of these comments are crazy🤦🏽‍♀️ I don’t understand why people are degrading others and some acting like it’s the end of the world talking about rent and bills (not the ones that are unemployed due to Covid-19 )but the ones who were already getting by on SSI and other Government assistance. If you didn’t have these complaints before the virus then why have so many now🤔 the same income you had before is the same income you have now🤔 the Stimulus for the $1200 should have got you caught up at least a little considering that you normally pay your rent and bills with the income you receive every month anyways so $1200 should have helped a lot🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m not trying to down anybody but I just believe that the people who should be on here complaining are not the ones on here complaining (the people who lost their jobs and the people that lost any type of income they had due to the virus)

    1. It’s amazing how people complain about not getting a stimulus check especially the ones on SSI and other social services if you’ve been getting by before what’s the big deal be grateful your getting something you should be ashamed of yourself

    2. Rightly so…. I hope I’m saying this right. I don’t want to sound like ha ha to you, but I lost my job due to the corona virus, I was laid off. I will be loosing my job indefinitely pretty soon…THATS EFFING GREAT!!! Now, I can be home, EVERYday and night, WITH my wife and kids! I filed unemployment, thanks to the covid 19 emergency thing bc now my unemployment is paying almost what my weekly check was. But since I’m not paying for 2 houses (bc I worked out of state), it’s more affordable. Yeah, bills might get a little behind, but this is what LIFE is, your supposed to prepare for things like this. Now granted, I don’t have a “nest egg”, but I got a “nest”… stimulus took my check to pay back support, GREAT! Now I don’t owe as much! Actually, between stimulus and tax check, my back pay child support was only in arrears for like 4-500$.. that got paid Last week! Life’s GREEEAAAT

      Sorry, somebody needed to post something positive to look forward to and to see that, it aint all bad

  55. Well,My husband got SSD and he hasn’t gotten his 1,200 yet and I haven’t either ,I am his wife and his caretaker, We are living from one check to the next,And yes I did work until my husband started falling, We are still waiting on our stimulus Checks also, We need it to catch up on our bills and to buy food,We need help now,God Bless America and the People who live here,God Bless Us All

  56. What I’m not understanding is why is it that our kids that is 17 years of age don’t get it we also take care of them too. And there still in school and we pay for there needs also.

  57. I hope we do get a 2nd check I’m hurting from the tornado that hit here in tn on Easter Sunday with no in because they dropped it because the house needed work it before the tornado

  58. First of all i am not a lazy bum like some jerk on here emplyed I haventble to work since I was 26 yrs old due to my disabilities I can barely pay my rent let alone my utility bills I cannot pay gor my medication I need thank God for my roommate she get my medication for me or I would be screwed I have to live off my SSI check which is only $715.00 a month so any help is greatly appreciated. So stop judging people on here we are all going through this pandemic together so just be understanding and kind to one another.

  59. I lost my job and the government taking all benefit from us leave us wit bill that keep coming

  60. I am a disabled senior, 64 years old. I live inlow income housing for seniors. I entered into a one year lease contract with a leasing property management company. They raised my rent twice more than $180 per month total, when I complained the manager told me to get a job. I have a severe spine,hip replacement and other health problems, like severe allergies. The job market is severe, and July is when rents go up again. How will I make all my expenses? I pray for another round of stimulus money to pay the greedy people I rent from. Please don’t over look seniors who are struggling.Thank you

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