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Rules of Engagement: Read the situation then read the results. Answer the questions and on 8/15 #LetsTalkChar will use your answers for the live broadcast.


Candy has just about to place her phone on charge and turn it off so that she would be able to get some well overdue beauty sleep when Cookie’s picture pops up across the screen. ‘It’s 6 a.m., Why are you ringing my phone Cookie?’ ‘Girl this Booker’s Baby mama knocking on my door. And she got KK, the girl who suppose to be messing with your man with her.’ Candy responds ‘For real, I know they don’t want the business.’ Cookie ‘I know you want to check this Chica about your man’ Candy ‘What they doing now?’ Cookie ‘They Banging on my door’ Candy ‘These Chica’s done lost their minds, and they are too disrespectful.’ Cookie ‘What we going to do’ Candy ‘Putting my shoes on and walking out the door right now.’ Candy jumps in her car doing 80 in a 60 not thinking about a ticket to Cookies house. Pops her ride or die music Trina in the CD player while she turns a 15 minute ride into 10 minutes.

Results of the Situation

Candy goes to Jail. Cookie Never came out the house. The girl who was messing with Candy’s man is being transported to City Hospital via ambulance. Baby moma leaves with Baby Daddy?


Why do you think Cookie called Candy?

Why do you think Candy went to Jail?

How do you think the results of the situation occurred?


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